Every Thought Matters

Every thought holds momentum and propels its way directly into the universe.  What we say “yes to goes into our vibrations.  What we say “no” to goes into our vibrations. That said, it is the truth, that what we focus on, what we give our observations to can and does create the reality of our […]

When It Feels Good…It is Right

When it feels good,  then it is right.  When you are feeling good, that is when your inner being is AGREEING with you.   Your inner being will NEVER FEEL ANYTHING BUT LOVE. So, it got me thinking after a very empowering divine channel one night.  I was asked during that channel, “Karen Ann, how do […]

Disconnecting from the Contrast of Others

It is important to accept that out of the contrast comes the design.  When you become accepting of differences of opinion and realize that everyone is getting to choose their point of view, you can begin to see through the contrast and use it as an opportunity of creation.  Anyone that finds their own power […]

Where You Need to Be Right Now

What is active is your vibration in the here and now? When you tune into your emotional vibrations and begin to dissect what is active, it can take you on a journey of discovery. Please understand that when you’re considering WHY something is active in your vibrations or HOW it became active you’re focused on […]

Universe and Your Desires

EVERYTHING is vibration based.  All things carry momentum and the vibrations behind that momentum is a direct translation of what you have created within your reality.  How you respond to situations dictates how the outcome will take the course.  This is where deliberate reactions are necessary to create the outcome that is the best feeling, […]