Healing Our Shadow Self

download-2Our shadow self is our darker side feelings that are repressed, hidden, or denied. We mask them or perhaps we are unaware of them altogether because we push them down deep inside of us. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers and observing others around us have influenced us to create our shadow self. We are taught what is acceptable in society. We all wear a mask that we present to the outside world to hide the parts we deem ugly, unacceptable, for the rest of the world to see.
It is the part of us we despise or refuse to accept. We may even be unaware of it. It is the part of us which is unloved and rejected. We project judgment unto others, yet these are things we do not like within ourselves and reject them.
We look externally when we should be looking within. Negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits manifest and create our reality perpetuating the shadow side. We blame others for our unhappiness when in fact we must take full responsibility for who we are.
The shadow shows up as selfish, abuse, addictions, jealousy, anger, and hurtful actions. When a shadow appears in an outburst, for example, we feel embarrassed, ashamed and guilty because we can’t hide it.
We must uncover and claim the truth about ourselves and accept all aspects of who we are. We must face ourselves by bringing it to the surface; the shadow needs love, acceptance, and recognition in order to heal to live in peace and with more joy.
Chose an area of your life where you have had unwanted experiences to occur. Pick an area you would like to heal. If you have a behavior, addiction or habit, select one of those and focus on them in mediation. Write them down before you begin.
Call in your spirit guides to assist you. Go to a place of calm safety and set the intention of healing this aspect with love, acceptance, asking forgiveness from hiding it away and facing its truth within you.
Learn to release these shadows and bring them into healing light and surface through recognizing they are only trying to protect you. Love your shadows and yourself with unconditional acceptance.
For more help on shadow work, feel free contact me on guided meditations and purposed healing.

Happy Healing and Many blessings….


Squeaky Wheels

squeakywheelThe vibrations of our being are in reference to our mood and attitude which is always our point of attraction.  It comes down to how we feel and I want you to understand it matters.  Honestly, if we would give how we felt our undivided attention instead of allowing the attitude that others should be different or responsible for how we feel we would be very much ahead of the game.

Decide that no matter who is coming by, no matter what they are saying, or no matter the email we always have the option of taking it hard or taking it easy.  We have the choice of giving it very little of our attention or giving it all of our attention.

When we begin to care about how we feel we can deliberately choose to focus on things that make us feel good.  Before long we will discover that in every part of the universe is duality and that duality is under our complete control.  There is what we want and what we perceive as lack but carefully selecting between the two will unfold a new reality of your true desires.

We all have that “squeaky wheel” within our lives.  We have the choice to pay attention to the squeak or stay in our alignment by tuning it out.  Every day is a new opportunity filled with new choices.  No matter how much we dislike the squeaking, the relentless focus of that discord will never get it to stop.

Give your full attention to whatever part of your life that is feeling the best to you.   Work on tuning yourself little by little into the vibrational alignment of your inner source energy.   Know that this source energy has existed long before you came into this physical body.

Realize there is something bigger going on and that bigger thing is source energy.  We were source energy before we became physical beings and we will be source energy after we go back to the non-physical but most importantly we ARE source energy in the here and now.

The vibrational baseline we set into motion is by virtue of the things we give our attention to.  What we say, what we observe, what we imagine, and so on is a direct result.  We are constantly giving our attention to something so make it worth broadcasting!

Happy creating and many blessings…

Letting Go of Control

img-thingBefore we came here we knew that we were eternal beings. We actually felt EAGER to come here and be standing in a place of complete creation. We were eager for the feeling of expansion through our experience.
Perhaps many of us remember this. We KNEW if from our non-physical aspect. We knew that we are source energy. We knew that we came here to express this source energy in the physical form. We knew that we weren’t as “substandard,” “flawed,” or “unworthy” and we knew we didn’t come here to try and PROVE our worthiness. We KNEW we are fully worthy.
The reason we came here in the physical experience wasn’t because we needed to, but because we WANTED to. We came here for the thrill of the tactile and visceral experience from this physical world. We are always creators and we are all vibrational much more than we are flesh, bones, and body. We knew that by offering a thought from our physical perspective, things would actualize to support the thoughts that we are thinking. We KNEW that the thoughts that we think would be managed by the law of attraction.
We knew that through the manifesting we did we would need to make a change when we are left with no other options. We knew that we would need to stop giving our attention to the things we don’t want and stop trying to control everything.
You see it is up to us to discover this option; because it is the only option we have. The option of LETTING GO OF CONTROL. There are too many moving parts. When we have small lives we can control it through our actions, our words, our determination, our willpower and our rules. We can control it through our shoulds and should nots. However; as our life gets bigger we start to see that there are too many balls in the air to juggle and the balls start to fall around us because there isn’t enough of ourselves to keep them juggling.
We were NEVER meant to control our lives through our words, our behaviors our actions. We intended to be the creator of control of our life experiences through the thoughts we think. So when we step back and step into this understanding and LET HOW WE FEEL matter more than anything else and not physically but EMOTIONALLY then we can begin to experience this life we are creating with openness and oneness with our source within.
We can sometimes feel tired, but we can be tired and satisfied. We can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but we can be uncomfortable and feel hopeful. So when we decide the way we FEEL emotionally is really what matters and we make a decision to monitor how we are feeling in order to catch these feelings in the earlier more subtle stages; then we can head them toward more of what FEELS good.
This will be what guides us to the most important system we have within our physical aspect. It brings us the awareness of our non-physical aspect our divine inner source. Thereby, allowing us to see WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO MANIFEST.
Remember we can’t feel negative emotion over and over about something and have it turn out just fine from these bad feeling emotions. We won’t have a happy ending to what is an unpleasant journey. Never mind focusing on the ending, get focused on WHERE YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY to redirect the flow of what it is you want and desire.
We have to decide to make it feel as good as we can feel from where we are. When we make the decision to care about how we feel, regardless of what is going on, then we have the best opportunity to create a better outcome for the path of least resistance.

Happy creating and many blessings…

It’s So Damn Easy to Have an Amazing Life!

giftcenterpresentbowWhat is the path of least resistance?
The path of least resistance is the path which feels best to you. It is the path that is the most appealing and the most emotionally attractive.

An exercise to help you find the path of least resistance is discovering which feels better to you. Take time to evaluate the process and allow it to flow to you and allowing yourself to be in the receptive mode for that desire. The key is to understand what you’re broadcasting so you know what you are receiving.

So, for example, which of these feels better?
Sameness or More?
Safe or Adventure?
Expansion or Compression?
New awareness or old insecurities?
Motion or stagnation?
Faster or slower motion?
Forward motion or backward motion?

What is in your emotional vibration?
Discerning your vibration is important. Think about a subject and then allow yourself a moment or more to see how you truly FEEL about it. What do you feel? Do you have doubt or fear? Perhaps you have excitement or joy! Knowing your vibration on any given subject will help you to understand what you’re broadcasting and why you’re drawing in what you are drawing in. Use fewer conditions and begin to elicit more emotions in a positive aspect to push it ahead for you.
Focus on using unconditional judgment to find comfort. Give yourself permission to follow the path of least resistance. Give yourself permission to follow your heart. You can have it all.  Figure out what keeps you from acknowledging and moving toward your life’s goal. Do this through a deliberate focus on your emotional vibrations. This isn’t to suggest you get hung up on the observation of what it is that holds you, hostage. This is about deciding through purposed work of intentional focus toward what you DO want; focus as IF IT HAS already happened. Write it down. Write down what you want and WHY you want it. Never add “BUT” or “HOW” in the mix of this, that will go right into your vibration as doubt.
How do you stop doubt?
Before it starts!

What is your alignment?
Alignment is the acknowledgment that you are where you are standing with appreciation. You need to get out of the attitude of “trying” and “waiting” until you have “proof”. Work on getting rid of the “conditional” improvement. Trust in the movement of your focus on the unconditional aspects of your life.
Most of us hold ourselves back on our speed because we are unsure of our alignment. However; as you become aware of your alignment then off you go, blazing the trail.
The bottom line is that you get to have it all! If you aren’t achieving this idea for your reality then the answer is within your vibrations.
This has become my mantra. Believe me, it took me time to get here, but so worth the trip!
Allow yourself to come to learn your personal preferences, by the experience of the duality of likes and dislikes. Allow yourself to open your lines of flow. If you have a clog in one or more of those lines then do things to open them without focusing on the clog. Focus on the lines you do have open and practice creating from those. The universe will ALWAYS bring you validation of your vibrations so choose things you know you cannot deny.
Keep a “question” journal. You cannot ask a question to the universe and receive the answer right in that moment. You have within your vibration the question of unknowing. So, write down your questions. Place time and space between yourself and those things you ask and watch how the clever universe can be!
The world is truly at your fingertips. If you doubt this in any way, then you know where you need to get started. The universe is not prejudice, does not provide by luck, chance or the privileged. It is all ON us to create the world we desire for ourselves.
Happy Creating and Many Blessings….

Evolution in Motion

capturing-motion-in-photographyI was recently in a deep conversation with someone explaining to them how to discover their alignment.  During our conversation, they shared an observation they had of me.  It was odd being on that side of the table.  However; what they said spoke to me and I wanted to share a piece of it with you.

“The thing that sets you apart from others Karen Ann is that you’re never done with your search of self awareness. You live for it and breathe it in like oxygen.  I guess what I am saying is that I recognized a long time ago you’re truly an evolution in motion.”

It got me thinking about the idea of evolution in motion.  The truth is we are ALL an “evolution in motion.”  We all have the choice to strive to learn more and expand beyond the limitations of our conscious programming or we can choose to settle in right where we are.   The key to either decision is one fundamental truth about your life.  If it feels good then you’re on the path of least resistance and your inner being, the source within is in agreement with you.

I promise you that if you truly push past the boundaries and allow yourself to feel beyond your five senses, you can achieve so much.

The very minute you touch, taste, see, hear and smell it has already become part of your past.  The here and NOW is about a FEELING.   This is also referred to as your six senses, your gut instincts.   When you learn to accept that you already have a guidance system built in and grant it the power to become your first sense, then you can overcome many obstacles and challenges.

Never stop expanding; never stop growing and definitely take the time to recognize your own evolution in motion.  I assure you; this is worth every bit of focus.   Begin to love this journey.  Loves this life of yours and know that in you are absolutely limitless.  You are a beautiful evolution in motion and that is poetry.

Happy Creating and Many Blessings…

Today is a Good Day

st-clair-beach-sunrise-6Today is a good day.
Today is a blank page within your story. Today is a day that you can stop pushing against the resistance and begin to build on the acceptance that you are exactly where you need to be, focusing on your observations on where it is you want to go from here.

Today is a good day.
Today you can take a moment to realize that as you slept all of the resistance from the day before no longer carries any momentum. Today you can come into the attunement of your inner being, source.

Today is a good day.
Today you can create the tone of your day and the tone or your reactions with renewed deliberate focus through gratitude of abundance.

Today is a good day.
Today you can choose to hand-pick all that you will focus on and consciously decide what it is you desire within your vortex of creation.

Today is a good day.
Today you can identify with contrast that may come, thereby allowing the opportunity to know what you want from it, rather than pushing against it.

Today is a good day.
Today you can groom your day to be exactly as you desire. Today is a day you can focus your attention on the elements of all that is good and all that is joyful.

Today is a good day.
Today is the beginning of a new awareness. Today is a day of renewed beliefs in your own abilities.

Today is a good day.
Today is your opportunity to change the story line from this page forward. It is within your control to discover new adventures, fire off ideas from your inner source being, change your perception by changing the way you FEEL; rather than reacting to what you see, hear, touch and taste. Today is the day you can create a new chapter to your book filling it in with all your desires and focusing on them with imagination and expectation.

Today is a good day.
Today is deciding that tomorrow will be another good day!

Happy creating and many blessings…

Imagine Your Reality

godblogIf you have the ability to imagine it, then you have the ability to have a relationship with it. None of us are years, months, weeks, days, or hours away from our desires. We are only VIBRATIONS away from them.

How do you discover what it is you’re receiving? Evaluate what you’re experiencing. Step back, look at the broader picture of your experience, tune into the true picture of the conditions which surround you. What are the conditions you are producing in your life??

Once you discover what you’re receiving is based on what you’re broadcasting, whether it is hope, joy, peace or depression, angst, anger you are now in a place of deliberate choices to change the frequency of your broadcast. Just as if you’re a radio station. You cannot hear what is on an FM station if you are broadcasting and tuned into an AM station.

Your inner being is always focused on where you are and what you are doing, but the question is are you in the impulse vibration to be able to connect to that inner knowing and receive the messages from that place of pure perfection?

Do you understand that while you are in the resistance of all you desire your inner being is already calling it into you? It is your choice to open the gates of this flow to receive. In order to do this, you need to be in sync with what it is you desire. Know what it is that you truly want and then focus on those wants. Focus on the power of your imagination to fill in the grid of that want. It doesn’t matter if anyone else can FEEL your desires it ONLY matters that YOU can.

How can you make the connection and the KNOWING with your inner source being? By coming to terms that your inner being is NOT separate from you, it is always with you. By realizing that your inner being is always interested and focused directly on you and those around you.

Isn’t it nice to know that you have the essence of pure perfection within your channels of life force at your fingertips? Always cheering you on, always appreciating you, always knowing exactly where you are, always supporting, guiding and calling in exactly what you came to create.

Isn’t it powerful to understand that the only roadblock of this reception is within your power and control to change? By discovering what it is that has you pinched off in the first place and getting ahead of it through intentional thoughts and the dynamism of your imagination.

You see the more you push against the contrast you are adding to your resistance to it; which is what creates more of the unwanted. Isn’t it better to accept that this is exactly where you need to be and choose to be grateful for this contrast in order carefully re-create where you wish to go from here?

Because it is always your thoughts that turn into things! Give up on the thinking you gotta get it done and enjoy the journey.

Happy creating and Many blessings….

Recreating Your Thoughts

593abe5b-cdd0-4d81-9260-2b5891413865We had a group in the office recently to evaluate the ergonomics of the office. The reason for this was to provide the most optimum workstation for everyone. This got me thinking about how we can simply make adjustments to our personal workstation by designing and sometimes re-arranging things so that we can use them easily and safely.
In doing so, there is usually a period of adjustment. Our bodies get used to being “out of whack” and create muscle memory. So to some degree, adjustments made to correct posture and so on, can lead to new areas of physical discomfort. However, over time you can build up those muscles and find comfort again.
That is not unlike re-creating a new reality for yourself through intentional and deliberate thinking. When changing our patterns, habits, observations, and focus we can go through a period of discomfort. It can be challenging to embrace the idea of changing our ways of thinking. After all, many of us have spent a lifetime perfecting them.
Change can be daunting for people because many put focus and observation into the fear of the unknown; instead of seeing the opportunity of optimal creation. Law of attraction is ANYTHING we put emotional thought into creates the momentum for that outcome within your reality experience.
With that said, change brings a period of transition, adjustment, and processing. It is important to remember that HOW you choose to embrace this period of transition is completely up to you.
You may choose to grasp it with the deliberate focus of positivity and allow that momentum to open you to receiving the energies of that thinking or you may decide to rely on your habits through lack and density.
Don’t forget that if you were to work out for the first time in a long time you’re going to hurt, but that hurt doesn’t last forever. As you stretch your physical boundaries you realize your strength will follow. This process is the exact same thing. As you stretch your emotional and mental boundaries and begin releasing the resistance you will begin to view the contrast as an opportunity to know what you want for yourself.
You may just discover that each day is allowing you a new opportunity to forget the momentum from the day before and begin with a blank page to write your story.

Happy creating and many blessings….

Every Thought Matters

images-1Every thought holds momentum and propels its way directly into the universe.  What we say “yes to goes into our vibrations.  What we say “no” to goes into our vibrations.

That said, it is the truth, that what we focus on, what we give our observations to can and does create the reality of our world.

Bringing awareness to the things we don’t want is the surest way to receive more of that.  I have had many clients that will say “I prayed for strength.” I suggest a different approach, I suggest to them that they don’t pray for strength, I remind them that are asking universe out of lack, and the universe will bring them more things to be strong about.  I suggest they pray with gratitude of thanks for the strength they already hold.

I decided to take this truth of Law of attraction to my Akashic records.   For those that are unfamiliar of the Akashic records they are a database of every word, thought, or action that is stored energetically and encoded in the non-physical plane of existence.  They carry the records of ALL of universe and everything within the creation of the universe.  Akasha is Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or” aether.”  They are metaphorically a library.  It is a “universal computer or the “Mind of God.”   As an Akashic Reader practitioner I am very in tuned to the library and its many layers of information.  That said, while within my own records (where I do a great deal of soul alignment work for myself and others) I was discussing the very idea of how the laws of attraction, works.

On this particular morning I was greeted by one of the Lords of the Records, an Ascended Master, a beloved and a Teacher to my role as Karen Ann.  They were seated before me very excited to discuss my progress on the work I have been doing with manifesting my life of desires.

We were discussing the law of attraction and how it is manifesting within my experience.  One of the guides that were present spoke to me, “Karen Ann, if you focus only on what is needed in healing or needing to be released as block then you are creating the momentum of this and getting caught in the pitfall of always requiring some type of healing.”  The Ascended master added, “Perhaps Dear One, you might choose to seek the truth of your expansion versus the “block” you perceive there to be.”

In other words the momentum of getting caught up in believing healing is needed is creating the very idea that I have blocks.  In turn that gives validity to those blocks which say “she saw us” and they grow bigger.  So, I have completely and deliberately changed my thoughts and words by allowing me to be OPEN, EXPANSIVE and RECEIEVING all that I desire.

It is a much better direction to place my focus.  Releasing is always necessary.  We do need to release resistance, but I give that very little focus and acknowledgement.  I never look at it closely or try to understand it.  When it comes up I simply decide it to be gone, and exhale it out through very deliberate focused breathing, transmuting it to the highest good of love and light.  I add this very important thought, “I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Each day I wake, I start the day with a thank you for the day and that today is a good day, even if there is any contrast within this day, I am still aligned with my inner being and grateful for the opportunity to find more of what I want through that contrast, because today is a good day!

So, choose peace and insist on it.  Surround yourself with the conditions that you want to produce within your life and when you have those moments of pure joy and excitement, ride that wave for as long as you can!

Happy creating and many blessings….

When It Feels Good…It is Right

When it feels good,  then it is right.  When you are feeling good, that is when your inner being is AGREEING with you.   Your inner being will NEVER FEEL ANYTHING BUT LOVE.

So, it got me thinking after a very empowering divine channel one night.  I was asked during that channel,

“Karen Ann, how do YOU decide what is right? Is it the biggest or loudest group telling you? How are the patterns of “right” discovered, for YOU? “

I pondered these questions and replied, “I have in my life decided what it is right and I have in my life fought to be the voice of that reason. I have pushed until I was heard and I was excited to stand firm in this truth.  However, in looking back I realized that during that entire process it didn’t really FEEL that GOOD to be “right” because it meant that someone needed to be “wrong.”

The divine channel replied, “What have you come to know about this business of right from wrong?”

I have come to know as MY truth, that it is right to love, it is right to appreciate, it is right to praise, it is right to feel proud of myself and others. It is right to expect good things and that is where I stand today within my choice of emotional vibration.

I made a decision in my life. I decided that I will always place focus on being like minded with my inner being, not those around me.  I have decided that I will always find every opportunity to FEEL GOOD, even when it goes against the masses.  I will look for the positive qualities in everyone and every situation, even if deemed a “villain” by society standards.  My inner being will NEVER LOOK at anyone or anything outside of love.  I will go against what is “right” by the standard of the limited beliefs that we carry here, because I choose peace, I INSIST on it. I choose to FEEL GOOD, I INSIST on it.

Look at things and people with love…love because it is right, appreciate because it is right, praise because it is right, be proud of yourself and others because it is right, FEEL GOOD BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT…and let the resistance of others fall away from you.

Love this world and all that is within and it will change…

Many blessings….