The Waterfall


The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, was inspired to ruminate on the waterfall as the continuous evolution of beings. The drops of water which make up the waterfall are renewed each second, just like the view in Buddhism of the purely illusory components of manifestation.

A dream I had of two waterfalls which has had me immersed deciphering its meaning… Through the magic of universe I was shown.  The message opened like the petals on a lotus flower, one by one.

I was sharing with a friend this morning my philosophy that every moment of every day we are unveiling our truth and with each passing moment the truth becomes either more true or less true than the moment that has passed.  Our being is in constant motion flowing and evolving minute by minute.  Many are unaware of the massive evolution that is happening within and around them.  The distractions are too grand for them to see the process of their evolution.

One waterfall in my dream was raging, muddy and held a giant whirlpool beneath it, dark and foreboding.  The other was calm and gently flowing.  As I observed them I interpreted them reminiscent to my masculine and feminine energies but what if it is even bigger than me?

I feel they are symbolic to humanity, showing the duality in which people exist. Some evolving out of their fear.  Where others evolve from a place of calm. One represents the murky and raging fear that grabs hold of us and the other shows unyielding unity of one droplet flowing into the next.

The messages are all open to interpret, but the symbolism of a waterfall is the Yin and Yang of our beings,  the generous and unyielding flow.  The question is, which waterfall are you?


Many Blessings…


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