What Do You Believe?


Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”  ~Lewis Carroll

For many believing in something can be a sword and a shield.  The sword cuts away from all things that stops us from living our fullest potential and the shield protects us behind the safety of our choices.

When we believe something is impossible and we place focus on this belief, we build it with momentum showing the power of that truth, and it becomes impossible.  When someone dares to voice their dreams that “seems impossible” but believes in their dream their success flows to them.  It is the law of attraction.  What we deny ourselves through our vibrations is what we believe to be impossible.

If you believe… BELIEVE by putting FEELING BEHIND IT… anything is POSSIBLE.  We ARE the creators… it is up to us to believe in the impossible and set sail with faith and trust.  Some are ready to do this no matter the outcome, others baby steps and some may never find the belief strong enough to withstand the storm of fear.

What are you finding impossible? Is it YOU that believes it to be impossible or is it someone else’s fears filling you with lack and hesitation?

I received a divine channel not that long ago, and the message was very concise.  “Dear one, you cannot have one foot in the boat and one foot in the water and be in balance.  Either jump in and swim or climb back into the boat and accept.  The choice is yours, but understand growth never comes from being afraid to swim.”


Many Blessings.

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