I love You

While speaking to my parents I got an urge to speak the words “I love you” to them but I hesitated and stopped myself.  When I hung up the phone I pondered how strong the urge was to say it.  Why did I stop myself? What kept me from speaking these words after all I speak these words regularly? What I came to understand is that the imprint of my childhood holds me back from saying  “I love you” to my folks, it wasn’t something we said.

So here I am, seated in front of my computer sharing this intimate detail of my personal fear in speaking the very words I teach others to discover for themselves.  What if I say them and I don’t hear it back?  What if I can’t say them because I’ve buried something within that has built a barrier?  What is the fear?

The urgent push to say these words is weighing on my heart.   So, I will reach out to my folks today, I will say them and I will be glad I have done so.  Now is the time to build and foster our relationships, don’t wait until they aren’t here to hear the words, “I love you.”

Today my message is simple and I am applying this to my heart as I type.  Tell those around you that you LOVE THEM… tell them every chance you get.  Don’t wait to share this, don’t wait to hear from them first, don’t regret not saying it.

Reach out and share your heart, expand, open and just trust it is always for the greater good no matter how it is received or not received.  LOVE, SPEAK IT, SHOW IT, SHARE IT, BE IT…

Many blessings…

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