Who is Going to Stop Me?

I can say with all honesty I have always been a force of independence and drive.  I never took a fancy to “rules” or “the right thing.” I don’t even believe in the fairytale of “right from wrong” I only view life as a series of different choices.   I spend no energy judging others or their decisions.  Anytime I was told that I couldn’t; I would serve a large bowl of “you bet your ass I can!”  This has proven to be a gift and a curse.  The gift is, I refused to give up.  I am wired with determination and motivation so when I set out to do something I get it done. The curse is the challenges that can arise in the battles of will with others.

I am clear on one thing; this is the ONLY life I will live as Karen Ann, so I will always aspire to be grand with my choices.  I stopped being bold for many years.  I allowed the idea of other’s get to me, questioning if perhaps “maybe I am too wild?”  I surrendered to playing it safe.  In doing so, I lost a huge piece of my spark.  The toll this caused was to take years off of my journey and now I am fervently rebuilding.   I realize what a waste it had been to “listen” to everyone else.  No one walks in my shoes better than me.   No one sees the perspective I share with my soul within my purpose.  Therefore who is going to stop me?  I reserve the right to be THE ONLY ONE capable of changing my course.

Live your life with heart!  Look at your world and ask the tough questions.  Am I doing all I can? Am I living to my highest good? Is this serving me anymore? Do I need to live in heartache and lack?  There may be moments of utter weakness and despair.  Yes, I get it.  So all I can offer to you is this,  believe in this singular idea that nothing you endure makes you a victim unless you choose to be.  Believe in the choices YOU make are for YOUR unique perspective.  Who is going to stop you?  No one if you refuse to lie down adrift through this life saturated in other’s fears.

Be bold, live strong and LOVE FIERCELY.


Many Blessings


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