“Observe You”

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” ~Plato

 I believe in the power of personal observation. Daily I ask The Creator of All That Is, “What can I do for myself today?” What always come through is the same answer, “Observe you.”
What I have achieved through my years of self-healing is the value of stepping back from the personality knee-jerk responses by paying attention to my reactions.

I received guidance that suggested I pay attention to what I am feeling, understand what it is I perceive as my truth, and to be both careful, yet willing to see ALL perspectives. I create a space of mindful, intentional responses versus the blurting out MY personal perceptions. I share “my truths” with discernment and no longer need to justify my views or feelings.

Within this work I discovered there is no need to agree with anyone for the sake of an argument or create a debate to feel validated as a person.

This journey is about a giant melting pot of perspectives. As much as I would love to ride in on my grand steed and “fix” things, I realize that I am not here to fix anything outside of ME. I am here to support my creation and within that I can help others by supporting their creation in teaching them the value of the inner wisdom within each of us.  

I stand behind humanity and hold a space of LOVE for all. I believe we ALL could benefit from the work of self-observation over the focus on others with critiquing their process within this journey.

Creator has never said to me, “Go out and observe the world.” He has always brought me home to my world, which is within me. “Observe you.” When we place the focus back onto ourselves we discover we ARE the universe. If we devoted the same effort looking within as we do looking outside we’d unveil the ANCIENT WISDOM of our divine being. This wisdom is walking right along with us each and everyday. 

The choice is ALWAYS yours. We can get pulled under by the chaos by overrunning ourselves with thoughts of others or we can go still and discover that everything we need is right within our heart.

When we allow our heart to be our voice, it becomes easy to find the words. 

Many blessings and happy creating…


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