Quiet the Mind

Sometimes it takes a period of spiraling and spinning to get to a place of self-resolve. We aren’t just meant to flail about without understanding the truth of this journey, which is we are the creators of our reality.  We are here to experience the divine light within our being through the myriad of experiences we undergo.

I have been on a quest with my higher self for years.  At first it was baby steps, then toddler, and now I feel as though I have evolved into young adulthood of the spiritual attunement.
Which for me means that there is no guru, no teacher, no guide here to offer a solid path, other than the teacher within. Each of us are unique and how we transcend is at the “hands” of our soul.  We aren’t here to follow anyone else’s journey like blind mice. The guidance we need is right inside of each of us. This guidance is all knowing, all supporting and following our every move.  We aren’t separate from this divine light, we ARE the light.
As our personalities fall apart, dissolving the illusion, and allowing the flow of divine love we can begin a new transition of finding self.  The stage in which this happens is at our soul’s discretion. No one has the same journey so don’t doubt your work based on another’s experience. Don’t decide that if it doesn’t transition like the “teacher” or the “guru” it isn’t right.  None of that matters because none of us will ever be the same.  We are all as unique as our fingerprint and what works for me may never resonate for you.  Take heart you will find your own path with the blending of your divine inner being.
How each of us works this out is between ourselves and our Creator of All that is. The biggest step in this is quieting the mind, allowing the surrender to the divine inner being.
This can take years to work out. Don’t get hung up on “time.” The claiming of my sovereignty began propulsion of growth but it didn’t happen overnight.
We are all where we need to be. It is the work of “letting go” that allows us to transform. It is the understanding that no matter how much contrast life throws at us, no matter how uncomfortable we believe we are; we are always right where we need to be. This understanding is a valuable gift we can give to ourselves.  The trusting of our souls to lead us through.
For my work, I have come to a Point of no return because for me I don’t want to go back.  I continue to seek knowledge leading me forward while being mindful to stay present in the here and now.
Breath is ESSENTIAL!!  Learning how to BREATHE is a big piece of this puzzle.   We are dysfunctional in how we breathe.   It needs to be deep from belly, rising up to the diaphragm,  deep, long, and slow breaths.  Exhaling the same way to release the resistance. Then more advance methods can be explored.  Rapid pant like breathing called the “Breath of Fire” can be incorporated into the routine allowing the release of toxins.
Often we tend to HOLD our breath in times of stress. I guarantee if you begin to BREATHE and focus your breath you will unfold into a new way of calming your mind.  It can bring you instant release and relaxation.   When we quiet our minds we allow healing to start the metamorphosis of our being.
The biggest challenge is taking time for ourselves, filling our OWN cup, being still, facing our fears and being present in the here and now.  Don’t focus on the past and don’t worry about the future but be in the HERE AND NOW.  Bring your awareness to your physical body.  Focus on the releasing the tension.  Our minds can ONLY do one thing at a time.  We aren’t some master “multitasker” that is not truth.  Our mind can only truly focus on one thing at a time.  So, place awareness on your body as you breathe.  Feel the tension leaving, feel the air fill your lungs, suspend it, slow release. DELIBERATE FOCUS will lead you to a quiet mind.
The teacher you need, the piece of this puzzle is locked inside of you. It is up to you to find that door and walk through. This is happening regardless of what your “personality” wants you to believe. You ARE transcending no matter how hard you fight against the current of it. Breathe in love and BE GENTLE on yourself, patient, unconditional, and most of all work toward appreciating the YOU that you are.
Happy creating and many blessings…

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