The Power of Words and Thoughts

There is a great power behind the words we speak and those we don’t speak. For example, the word ‘try.’ You can’t “try” to do anything. You cannot try to pick up a book; it just can’t be done. You either do or you don’t do it. In fact, if you were to say to your friend, “I’ll try to be there,” you might as well say you’re not going to be there.

When we use the word ‘try’ our subconscious doesn’t understand the word, it will just assume that it doesn’t have to be done. When you are setting out to make changes in your lifestyle the worst thing you can say to yourself or others is “I’ll try.” It will never happen. You are allowing yourself the failure long before you ever get started.

We have developed the ability to create our manifestations with the power of the spoken word and formed thought. The things that we say and our thoughts are what forms our reality. Our thoughts are so powerful that we can even impress them on our children without ever revealing them aloud.

I have witnessed first hand the power of thoughts and how they affect others. Our emotions are embedded in our vibrations so no matter if spoken or not they are being discharged like a transmitter. We have to be better with our thoughts and our reactions. If a statement is made enough times it becomes a reality.

Recently, I had a cold. Every time I coughed or sneezed someone around me remarked how “horrible” I sounded. They would add, “maybe you should see a doctor?” I refused to participate in that energy. The suggestion that I was worse than I truly felt could have easily spiraled into more symptoms. If I had paid attention to the observations of others and listened to the repeated suggestions, then yes I would have ended up worse. I chose to be an observer rather than a participant. It was cold. Nothing more and nothing less.

Think about all forms of thoughts and words that you are using in your day to day. What do they mean to you on all levels of your being? Perhaps they are blocking you from progressing without knowing it.
Discerning what forms you have created in your paradigm will allow you the space to change your reality into a more desired outcome.
Happy creation and Many blessings…


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