The Law of Compassion

download-3Understanding the connection of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart through the laws of universe may help you to be open to receive a deeper level of connectedness.  This connection I speak of is not just with people that are around you but on a deeper level of self.

Compassion is a buzz word that has been tossed around forever.  It is a word that politicians use to solicit votes and Religious sectors use to guilt people into giving toward a charity.  We have somehow as a society associate compassion with the passing of money.

There are some that believe offering pity for someone or something is an exhibit of compassion.  Yet compassion laced with pity almost always has its roots in guilt and fear, and carries a sense of condescension. For some there is even a smug feeling of “I’m glad it’s not me.”

There are others who equate compassion with sympathy.  If I commiserate with you then I am considered compassionate.  The problem with defining compassion with the concept of sympathy means that on a vibrational level I can’t raise you up.

The Law of Compassion is basically about allowing tenderness and kindness into all your thoughts and actions with yourself and others.  It is softening your attitude, and allowing others to be who they are without judgment or condemnation.  You simply allow yourself to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  The observer becomes the observed.

To truly be compassionate one has to begin with oneself.  If you cannot offer yourself understanding, forgiveness and loving kindness you can never give genuine compassion to someone else.  So the first step in compassion is releasing all judgments and condemnation you have about yourself.  Stop beating yourself up over past happenings and recognize that you are valuable in this world.

If you do the first step, you begin to see everyone in your outer world as your teacher. Each is a unique individual providing you with the gift of experience and everyone is a spark of the same Source Energy…we are all one with differing ways of viewing the world, and everyone has a right to be.

Compassion is not about sympathy, empathy or pity.  It is not about doing something out of politeness, obligation or guilt.  Living a compassionate life does not mean being a doormat to others.  It does not mean allowing others to dump all their problems on you or to take advantage of you.  To do any of this means you are not operating out of compassion.  Living a compassionate life is about truly listening and taking the time to understand someone else’s situation or circumstances.   Move through the world with compassion, and the world will present you with unique gifts.

Happy creating and many blessings…


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