Healing Our Shadow Self

download-2Our shadow self is our darker side feelings that are repressed, hidden, or denied. We mask them or perhaps we are unaware of them altogether because we push them down deep inside of us. Parents, siblings, friends, teachers and observing others around us have influenced us to create our shadow self. We are taught what is acceptable in society. We all wear a mask that we present to the outside world to hide the parts we deem ugly, unacceptable, for the rest of the world to see.
It is the part of us we despise or refuse to accept. We may even be unaware of it. It is the part of us which is unloved and rejected. We project judgment unto others, yet these are things we do not like within ourselves and reject them.
We look externally when we should be looking within. Negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits manifest and create our reality perpetuating the shadow side. We blame others for our unhappiness when in fact we must take full responsibility for who we are.
The shadow shows up as selfish, abuse, addictions, jealousy, anger, and hurtful actions. When a shadow appears in an outburst, for example, we feel embarrassed, ashamed and guilty because we can’t hide it.
We must uncover and claim the truth about ourselves and accept all aspects of who we are. We must face ourselves by bringing it to the surface; the shadow needs love, acceptance, and recognition in order to heal to live in peace and with more joy.
Chose an area of your life where you have had unwanted experiences to occur. Pick an area you would like to heal. If you have a behavior, addiction or habit, select one of those and focus on them in mediation. Write them down before you begin.
Call in your spirit guides to assist you. Go to a place of calm safety and set the intention of healing this aspect with love, acceptance, asking forgiveness from hiding it away and facing its truth within you.
Learn to release these shadows and bring them into healing light and surface through recognizing they are only trying to protect you. Love your shadows and yourself with unconditional acceptance.
For more help on shadow work, feel free contact me on guided meditations and purposed healing.

Happy Healing and Many blessings….


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