Squeaky Wheels

squeakywheelThe vibrations of our being are in reference to our mood and attitude which is always our point of attraction.  It comes down to how we feel and I want you to understand it matters.  Honestly, if we would give how we felt our undivided attention instead of allowing the attitude that others should be different or responsible for how we feel we would be very much ahead of the game.

Decide that no matter who is coming by, no matter what they are saying, or no matter the email we always have the option of taking it hard or taking it easy.  We have the choice of giving it very little of our attention or giving it all of our attention.

When we begin to care about how we feel we can deliberately choose to focus on things that make us feel good.  Before long we will discover that in every part of the universe is duality and that duality is under our complete control.  There is what we want and what we perceive as lack but carefully selecting between the two will unfold a new reality of your true desires.

We all have that “squeaky wheel” within our lives.  We have the choice to pay attention to the squeak or stay in our alignment by tuning it out.  Every day is a new opportunity filled with new choices.  No matter how much we dislike the squeaking, the relentless focus of that discord will never get it to stop.

Give your full attention to whatever part of your life that is feeling the best to you.   Work on tuning yourself little by little into the vibrational alignment of your inner source energy.   Know that this source energy has existed long before you came into this physical body.

Realize there is something bigger going on and that bigger thing is source energy.  We were source energy before we became physical beings and we will be source energy after we go back to the non-physical but most importantly we ARE source energy in the here and now.

The vibrational baseline we set into motion is by virtue of the things we give our attention to.  What we say, what we observe, what we imagine, and so on is a direct result.  We are constantly giving our attention to something so make it worth broadcasting!

Happy creating and many blessings…


2 thoughts on “Squeaky Wheels

  1. Great post. I love this “Give your full attention to whatever part of your life that is feeling the best to you.” I GET this. I can DO this. Even if it seems silly in the moment. I tend to get “stuck” or over-think my options and try to ‘what if ‘ every possible scenario so I can prepare or make an informed decission. Sometimes this is a positive trait and other times it hinders me more than helps me. I like the idea of just focusing on what feels good.

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