Letting Go of Control

img-thingBefore we came here we knew that we were eternal beings. We actually felt EAGER to come here and be standing in a place of complete creation. We were eager for the feeling of expansion through our experience.
Perhaps many of us remember this. We KNEW if from our non-physical aspect. We knew that we are source energy. We knew that we came here to express this source energy in the physical form. We knew that we weren’t as “substandard,” “flawed,” or “unworthy” and we knew we didn’t come here to try and PROVE our worthiness. We KNEW we are fully worthy.
The reason we came here in the physical experience wasn’t because we needed to, but because we WANTED to. We came here for the thrill of the tactile and visceral experience from this physical world. We are always creators and we are all vibrational much more than we are flesh, bones, and body. We knew that by offering a thought from our physical perspective, things would actualize to support the thoughts that we are thinking. We KNEW that the thoughts that we think would be managed by the law of attraction.
We knew that through the manifesting we did we would need to make a change when we are left with no other options. We knew that we would need to stop giving our attention to the things we don’t want and stop trying to control everything.
You see it is up to us to discover this option; because it is the only option we have. The option of LETTING GO OF CONTROL. There are too many moving parts. When we have small lives we can control it through our actions, our words, our determination, our willpower and our rules. We can control it through our shoulds and should nots. However; as our life gets bigger we start to see that there are too many balls in the air to juggle and the balls start to fall around us because there isn’t enough of ourselves to keep them juggling.
We were NEVER meant to control our lives through our words, our behaviors our actions. We intended to be the creator of control of our life experiences through the thoughts we think. So when we step back and step into this understanding and LET HOW WE FEEL matter more than anything else and not physically but EMOTIONALLY then we can begin to experience this life we are creating with openness and oneness with our source within.
We can sometimes feel tired, but we can be tired and satisfied. We can sometimes feel uncomfortable, but we can be uncomfortable and feel hopeful. So when we decide the way we FEEL emotionally is really what matters and we make a decision to monitor how we are feeling in order to catch these feelings in the earlier more subtle stages; then we can head them toward more of what FEELS good.
This will be what guides us to the most important system we have within our physical aspect. It brings us the awareness of our non-physical aspect our divine inner source. Thereby, allowing us to see WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO MANIFEST.
Remember we can’t feel negative emotion over and over about something and have it turn out just fine from these bad feeling emotions. We won’t have a happy ending to what is an unpleasant journey. Never mind focusing on the ending, get focused on WHERE YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY to redirect the flow of what it is you want and desire.
We have to decide to make it feel as good as we can feel from where we are. When we make the decision to care about how we feel, regardless of what is going on, then we have the best opportunity to create a better outcome for the path of least resistance.

Happy creating and many blessings…


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