It’s So Damn Easy to Have an Amazing Life!

giftcenterpresentbowWhat is the path of least resistance?
The path of least resistance is the path which feels best to you. It is the path that is the most appealing and the most emotionally attractive.

An exercise to help you find the path of least resistance is discovering which feels better to you. Take time to evaluate the process and allow it to flow to you and allowing yourself to be in the receptive mode for that desire. The key is to understand what you’re broadcasting so you know what you are receiving.

So, for example, which of these feels better?
Sameness or More?
Safe or Adventure?
Expansion or Compression?
New awareness or old insecurities?
Motion or stagnation?
Faster or slower motion?
Forward motion or backward motion?

What is in your emotional vibration?
Discerning your vibration is important. Think about a subject and then allow yourself a moment or more to see how you truly FEEL about it. What do you feel? Do you have doubt or fear? Perhaps you have excitement or joy! Knowing your vibration on any given subject will help you to understand what you’re broadcasting and why you’re drawing in what you are drawing in. Use fewer conditions and begin to elicit more emotions in a positive aspect to push it ahead for you.
Focus on using unconditional judgment to find comfort. Give yourself permission to follow the path of least resistance. Give yourself permission to follow your heart. You can have it all.  Figure out what keeps you from acknowledging and moving toward your life’s goal. Do this through a deliberate focus on your emotional vibrations. This isn’t to suggest you get hung up on the observation of what it is that holds you, hostage. This is about deciding through purposed work of intentional focus toward what you DO want; focus as IF IT HAS already happened. Write it down. Write down what you want and WHY you want it. Never add “BUT” or “HOW” in the mix of this, that will go right into your vibration as doubt.
How do you stop doubt?
Before it starts!

What is your alignment?
Alignment is the acknowledgment that you are where you are standing with appreciation. You need to get out of the attitude of “trying” and “waiting” until you have “proof”. Work on getting rid of the “conditional” improvement. Trust in the movement of your focus on the unconditional aspects of your life.
Most of us hold ourselves back on our speed because we are unsure of our alignment. However; as you become aware of your alignment then off you go, blazing the trail.
The bottom line is that you get to have it all! If you aren’t achieving this idea for your reality then the answer is within your vibrations.
This has become my mantra. Believe me, it took me time to get here, but so worth the trip!
Allow yourself to come to learn your personal preferences, by the experience of the duality of likes and dislikes. Allow yourself to open your lines of flow. If you have a clog in one or more of those lines then do things to open them without focusing on the clog. Focus on the lines you do have open and practice creating from those. The universe will ALWAYS bring you validation of your vibrations so choose things you know you cannot deny.
Keep a “question” journal. You cannot ask a question to the universe and receive the answer right in that moment. You have within your vibration the question of unknowing. So, write down your questions. Place time and space between yourself and those things you ask and watch how the clever universe can be!
The world is truly at your fingertips. If you doubt this in any way, then you know where you need to get started. The universe is not prejudice, does not provide by luck, chance or the privileged. It is all ON us to create the world we desire for ourselves.
Happy Creating and Many Blessings….


4 thoughts on “It’s So Damn Easy to Have an Amazing Life!

  1. Very inspiring post. I have asked for some opportunites in my work life and they are comeing to me now, however I am wanting to clam-up and reject these opportunities even thought I *thought* I wanted them. Maybe it’s just fear…..I am trying to take your advice in this post and think about my vibration and what would the path of least reistance.


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