Evolution in Motion

capturing-motion-in-photographyI was recently in a deep conversation with someone explaining to them how to discover their alignment.  During our conversation, they shared an observation they had of me.  It was odd being on that side of the table.  However; what they said spoke to me and I wanted to share a piece of it with you.

“The thing that sets you apart from others Karen Ann is that you’re never done with your search of self awareness. You live for it and breathe it in like oxygen.  I guess what I am saying is that I recognized a long time ago you’re truly an evolution in motion.”

It got me thinking about the idea of evolution in motion.  The truth is we are ALL an “evolution in motion.”  We all have the choice to strive to learn more and expand beyond the limitations of our conscious programming or we can choose to settle in right where we are.   The key to either decision is one fundamental truth about your life.  If it feels good then you’re on the path of least resistance and your inner being, the source within is in agreement with you.

I promise you that if you truly push past the boundaries and allow yourself to feel beyond your five senses, you can achieve so much.

The very minute you touch, taste, see, hear and smell it has already become part of your past.  The here and NOW is about a FEELING.   This is also referred to as your six senses, your gut instincts.   When you learn to accept that you already have a guidance system built in and grant it the power to become your first sense, then you can overcome many obstacles and challenges.

Never stop expanding; never stop growing and definitely take the time to recognize your own evolution in motion.  I assure you; this is worth every bit of focus.   Begin to love this journey.  Loves this life of yours and know that in you are absolutely limitless.  You are a beautiful evolution in motion and that is poetry.

Happy Creating and Many Blessings…


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