Imagine Your Reality

godblogIf you have the ability to imagine it, then you have the ability to have a relationship with it. None of us are years, months, weeks, days, or hours away from our desires. We are only VIBRATIONS away from them.

How do you discover what it is you’re receiving? Evaluate what you’re experiencing. Step back, look at the broader picture of your experience, tune into the true picture of the conditions which surround you. What are the conditions you are producing in your life??

Once you discover what you’re receiving is based on what you’re broadcasting, whether it is hope, joy, peace or depression, angst, anger you are now in a place of deliberate choices to change the frequency of your broadcast. Just as if you’re a radio station. You cannot hear what is on an FM station if you are broadcasting and tuned into an AM station.

Your inner being is always focused on where you are and what you are doing, but the question is are you in the impulse vibration to be able to connect to that inner knowing and receive the messages from that place of pure perfection?

Do you understand that while you are in the resistance of all you desire your inner being is already calling it into you? It is your choice to open the gates of this flow to receive. In order to do this, you need to be in sync with what it is you desire. Know what it is that you truly want and then focus on those wants. Focus on the power of your imagination to fill in the grid of that want. It doesn’t matter if anyone else can FEEL your desires it ONLY matters that YOU can.

How can you make the connection and the KNOWING with your inner source being? By coming to terms that your inner being is NOT separate from you, it is always with you. By realizing that your inner being is always interested and focused directly on you and those around you.

Isn’t it nice to know that you have the essence of pure perfection within your channels of life force at your fingertips? Always cheering you on, always appreciating you, always knowing exactly where you are, always supporting, guiding and calling in exactly what you came to create.

Isn’t it powerful to understand that the only roadblock of this reception is within your power and control to change? By discovering what it is that has you pinched off in the first place and getting ahead of it through intentional thoughts and the dynamism of your imagination.

You see the more you push against the contrast you are adding to your resistance to it; which is what creates more of the unwanted. Isn’t it better to accept that this is exactly where you need to be and choose to be grateful for this contrast in order carefully re-create where you wish to go from here?

Because it is always your thoughts that turn into things! Give up on the thinking you gotta get it done and enjoy the journey.

Happy creating and Many blessings….


4 thoughts on “Imagine Your Reality

    • No…the resistance is the part that we place on ourselves through our focus within the contrast. The contrast is part of the path to allow us to discover what we want vs what we don’t want. The resistance is the piece that is preventing us from allowing the flow of these desires. The path is always the path of least resistance. Did I explain that clearly?

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      • Wonderful…there is NEVER a ‘wrong or right” path, only what feels good vs not good. The resistance is the overfocus of the contrast (not good)! Keep on creating through knowing what you desire and then allowing it to flow to you…without the resistance!! ❤

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