Recreating Your Thoughts

593abe5b-cdd0-4d81-9260-2b5891413865We had a group in the office recently to evaluate the ergonomics of the office. The reason for this was to provide the most optimum workstation for everyone. This got me thinking about how we can simply make adjustments to our personal workstation by designing and sometimes re-arranging things so that we can use them easily and safely.
In doing so, there is usually a period of adjustment. Our bodies get used to being “out of whack” and create muscle memory. So to some degree, adjustments made to correct posture and so on, can lead to new areas of physical discomfort. However, over time you can build up those muscles and find comfort again.
That is not unlike re-creating a new reality for yourself through intentional and deliberate thinking. When changing our patterns, habits, observations, and focus we can go through a period of discomfort. It can be challenging to embrace the idea of changing our ways of thinking. After all, many of us have spent a lifetime perfecting them.
Change can be daunting for people because many put focus and observation into the fear of the unknown; instead of seeing the opportunity of optimal creation. Law of attraction is ANYTHING we put emotional thought into creates the momentum for that outcome within your reality experience.
With that said, change brings a period of transition, adjustment, and processing. It is important to remember that HOW you choose to embrace this period of transition is completely up to you.
You may choose to grasp it with the deliberate focus of positivity and allow that momentum to open you to receiving the energies of that thinking or you may decide to rely on your habits through lack and density.
Don’t forget that if you were to work out for the first time in a long time you’re going to hurt, but that hurt doesn’t last forever. As you stretch your physical boundaries you realize your strength will follow. This process is the exact same thing. As you stretch your emotional and mental boundaries and begin releasing the resistance you will begin to view the contrast as an opportunity to know what you want for yourself.
You may just discover that each day is allowing you a new opportunity to forget the momentum from the day before and begin with a blank page to write your story.

Happy creating and many blessings….


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