Every Thought Matters

images-1Every thought holds momentum and propels its way directly into the universe.  What we say “yes to goes into our vibrations.  What we say “no” to goes into our vibrations.

That said, it is the truth, that what we focus on, what we give our observations to can and does create the reality of our world.

Bringing awareness to the things we don’t want is the surest way to receive more of that.  I have had many clients that will say “I prayed for strength.” I suggest a different approach, I suggest to them that they don’t pray for strength, I remind them that are asking universe out of lack, and the universe will bring them more things to be strong about.  I suggest they pray with gratitude of thanks for the strength they already hold.

I decided to take this truth of Law of attraction to my Akashic records.   For those that are unfamiliar of the Akashic records they are a database of every word, thought, or action that is stored energetically and encoded in the non-physical plane of existence.  They carry the records of ALL of universe and everything within the creation of the universe.  Akasha is Sanskrit word meaning “sky”, “space” or” aether.”  They are metaphorically a library.  It is a “universal computer or the “Mind of God.”   As an Akashic Reader practitioner I am very in tuned to the library and its many layers of information.  That said, while within my own records (where I do a great deal of soul alignment work for myself and others) I was discussing the very idea of how the laws of attraction, works.

On this particular morning I was greeted by one of the Lords of the Records, an Ascended Master, a beloved and a Teacher to my role as Karen Ann.  They were seated before me very excited to discuss my progress on the work I have been doing with manifesting my life of desires.

We were discussing the law of attraction and how it is manifesting within my experience.  One of the guides that were present spoke to me, “Karen Ann, if you focus only on what is needed in healing or needing to be released as block then you are creating the momentum of this and getting caught in the pitfall of always requiring some type of healing.”  The Ascended master added, “Perhaps Dear One, you might choose to seek the truth of your expansion versus the “block” you perceive there to be.”

In other words the momentum of getting caught up in believing healing is needed is creating the very idea that I have blocks.  In turn that gives validity to those blocks which say “she saw us” and they grow bigger.  So, I have completely and deliberately changed my thoughts and words by allowing me to be OPEN, EXPANSIVE and RECEIEVING all that I desire.

It is a much better direction to place my focus.  Releasing is always necessary.  We do need to release resistance, but I give that very little focus and acknowledgement.  I never look at it closely or try to understand it.  When it comes up I simply decide it to be gone, and exhale it out through very deliberate focused breathing, transmuting it to the highest good of love and light.  I add this very important thought, “I am exactly where I am meant to be.”

Each day I wake, I start the day with a thank you for the day and that today is a good day, even if there is any contrast within this day, I am still aligned with my inner being and grateful for the opportunity to find more of what I want through that contrast, because today is a good day!

So, choose peace and insist on it.  Surround yourself with the conditions that you want to produce within your life and when you have those moments of pure joy and excitement, ride that wave for as long as you can!

Happy creating and many blessings….


4 thoughts on “Every Thought Matters

  1. I have been very conscious of my litany of automatic negative mutterings and self-talk. This post a good remonder to continue taking small steps to change those negative thoughts.

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  2. I love this so much! My mantra lately has been a very simple yet very powerful one. “I am limitless.” It came to me loud and clear in a meditation and has stayed powerful ever since. Reading this makes it clear why. It’s not asking for healing or answers or manifestation. It’s simply allowing.

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    • YES…what we desire is all within our own personal vortex, but we must allow this to be received by opening ourselves to it. So much in this world is right…and good and lovely…choice is all ours to receive this! ❤


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