When It Feels Good…It is Right

When it feels good,  then it is right.  When you are feeling good, that is when your inner being is AGREEING with you.   Your inner being will NEVER FEEL ANYTHING BUT LOVE.

So, it got me thinking after a very empowering divine channel one night.  I was asked during that channel,

“Karen Ann, how do YOU decide what is right? Is it the biggest or loudest group telling you? How are the patterns of “right” discovered, for YOU? “

I pondered these questions and replied, “I have in my life decided what it is right and I have in my life fought to be the voice of that reason. I have pushed until I was heard and I was excited to stand firm in this truth.  However, in looking back I realized that during that entire process it didn’t really FEEL that GOOD to be “right” because it meant that someone needed to be “wrong.”

The divine channel replied, “What have you come to know about this business of right from wrong?”

I have come to know as MY truth, that it is right to love, it is right to appreciate, it is right to praise, it is right to feel proud of myself and others. It is right to expect good things and that is where I stand today within my choice of emotional vibration.

I made a decision in my life. I decided that I will always place focus on being like minded with my inner being, not those around me.  I have decided that I will always find every opportunity to FEEL GOOD, even when it goes against the masses.  I will look for the positive qualities in everyone and every situation, even if deemed a “villain” by society standards.  My inner being will NEVER LOOK at anyone or anything outside of love.  I will go against what is “right” by the standard of the limited beliefs that we carry here, because I choose peace, I INSIST on it. I choose to FEEL GOOD, I INSIST on it.

Look at things and people with love…love because it is right, appreciate because it is right, praise because it is right, be proud of yourself and others because it is right, FEEL GOOD BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT…and let the resistance of others fall away from you.

Love this world and all that is within and it will change…

Many blessings….


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