Disconnecting from the Contrast of Others

succesvol-beleggen-negeer-ruisIt is important to accept that out of the contrast comes the design.  When you become accepting of differences of opinion and realize that everyone is getting to choose their point of view, you can begin to see through the contrast and use it as an opportunity of creation.  Anyone that finds their own power and becomes aligned with it, aren’t seeking to hold power over others because they already found their own.

Does it occur to you that the soothing of others is what helps in the contrast? You’re not here to be the containment of them and certainly not here by your own conditions of deciding how they can and should do things.  It is not up to you to get others to stop or cease from doing things you may not like.

You are here to be an advocate of what you want.  It is a hard thing to understand, but it is the advocating of what you do want that becomes your world.  It is not from the push back of others that creates the world you desire.

It is very important understand,  that this is an attraction based world, so when you are looking at something and say “yes” to it, you are including it in your vibrations and if you  are looking at something and shout “no” to it, you are including it in your vibration.

As much as it may seem like a good idea, it isn’t up to you to choose what others say “yes or no” to.  What are you going to do about it? You can’t offer them a vibration and you can’t contain one for them, nor should you even try.  When you try to stop others in things you don’t want, you become the same energy, you become like them.

When you become the one that pushes against them you’re not focused on your own conditions.   You’re NOT here to focus on what others are or aren’t doing.  Who gets to decide who is right or wrong, anyway? Who gets to decide when and how to push back? It just never works.

You HAVE TO LIVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE! You have to find your own alignment, and know that when you do, only that which is a match to your vibration can come to you.

None of us intended to be out of sync with our inner guidance system, but how can we reach the point of wanting to be IN sync if we haven’t experienced the discomfort of being out of sync?  It’s just part of the experience.

Once you come together and remember what this universe is all about, once you show yourself what alignment feels like and what NOT aligned feels like, you’ll seek to be in alignment because it feels so good and it brings you clarity and motivation.

Why even endure negative emotions?  What makes you so willing to endure negative emotions? Why do you endure fear?  Why do you doubt? Why do you believe you can control others?

Maybe because you believe that you have no other choice, but you do have a choice.  So, when you believe what others are doing, is why you feel what you feel, you are creating a program of being trapped in a certain vibration that is not serving you.  You need to come to terms that it is NOT what anyone else is doing that is causing you to feel this way.  It is what you’re NOT doing, that is causing you to feel this way.  It’s your absence of your alignment that is causing you the vulnerability and discomfort.

There is no easy answer for so many of the struggles you or this world is experiencing. It is annoying when you’re in the midst of the struggle that has you feeling negative emotions, when you hear anyone say “you just need to get over it” or “you just gotta focus yourself in another place.”  Except when you’re all caught up in it, the momentum of it feels like it requires some sort of action.  Except when the action is offered from a place of vulnerability, out of alignment or disconnect there will be a perpetuation of more of that.

You need step back far enough to understand that is the contrast that you came to experience, willing to allow so that you KNOW WHAT YOU want.  These are both the best of times and the worst of times.  It is necessary to have the duality of both.  You just need to decide what end of the stick you are going to set your tuner to.  Don’t fight against contrast or variety.  Just accept it as the buffet that it is, from which you get to choose. In doing so, define your own autonomy.

It is the setting of unconditional love where you don’t “need” the conditions to change. Unconditional alignment and unconditional love is the acceptance of all conditions.  That the conditions are not your business and hold zero impact on the life you are creating. This is about finding the frequency of something without needing the condition to change.

Stop worrying about what others are doing, “it is none of your business.”  Don’t try contain people or push back against their beliefs.  You are here to be your best advocate in your created reality.  When you need conditions to be exactly how you “need” them to be, you are bound, because now you are in this place of needing to control conditions and when you are in this place of control it becomes the heart of dysfunction.

Breathe, let go and work from a place of alignment.  Remember your inner guidance is always working in your favor, and is continually on top of where you stand with regard to your vibrations.  Let the rest be what it is and allow that discomfort to guide you into a better place by FEELING the truth of your own experience and knowing YOU are the reason you FEEL any discomfort or pleasure. It always comes back to you.

Many blessings…


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