Write Your Story

whats-your-story-4The resistance you experience in your life is part of the process within your expansion, but there can come a time when you allow the contrast just to be, without resisting it so much.  When you walk aligned then the contrast is viewed through appreciation.  Releasing resistance will allow the flow of abundance and well-being to you.  The contrast provides you the knowing of your true desires and the resistance is what blocks you from the reality creation of that desire.

When you want things within your life it is important to focus on the here and now without allowing the current manifestation overshadow the new desires of your story.  The fundamental basis of manifesting is purposed thoughts thus allowing the alignment with your inner source.

Alignment will bring your wants into thoughts which then move into the momentum of creation.  Through DELIBERATE practice of focus on positive expectation of that desire the Universe will bring it to you, it is the LAW.  When you are in a state of desperate vibration or “need” these emotions will most assuredly create the manifesting potential of increasing the resistance through those vibrations, again it is the LAW.


The powerful feelings of “knowing”, “expecting”, and “believing”  your desires have already arrived will bring to you what you want.  You must be tuned in to your feelings BEFORE you begin to create your story by paying attention to the why you want what you want and where your vibrations are with regard to this matter.

We are powerful as a collective, but you can be a dynamic writer of your story and hold just as great of an impact on the world around you.   You are the master of your story.  So, design it through appreciation for your life (hard or easy), build the world as you desire through purposed positive thoughts, and allow yourself to receive the flow without resistance.  You can create heaven on earth and what that means is individual and unique to you.  Be focused on the GOODNESS and ignore the NEGATIVES in all matters.  Once you bring your observation to a situation that will produce momentum of that observation.

The ripple effect of your alignment will go far and wide!  The power is within you with deliberate connection to your inner being source.   Understand that you have the ultimate creator, source within you at all times.  Your inner source knows where you are and knows what you want and is already working this out for your highest good.  All will work in your favor!

We are an extension of source in the physical, but our roots are created in the likeness of source and it is up to you to decide how you use this powerful truth of creation.

Many blessings


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