Co-Creating Relationship Wholeness

infinity.jpgThe subject of relationships plays a very significant role to you, because without others you could not be yourself.  The others with whom you share this life with are of tremendous importance even when you want different things.  This world is large enough to accommodate all of the variety of interests, beliefs and desires.  Differences are an advantage in the stimulation of new ideas and are important to the expansion of the experience.

When you understand the value of differing opinions you will reap immediate value from every relationship.  Since you cannot change others to please you, the best piece is appreciating where they are and that will bring you ease.  Sometimes it seems like others have the “power” to negatively affect your experience, but that is simply never true.  Only YOUR response to them has the power to limit you from the naturally good feeling person you are.

Sometimes you believe that your happiness is dependent on their response to you, but that is never true, either.  If you encourage people to believe this and bend over backwards to please them you aren’t helping them or YOU.

When you begin to expect another to succeed without YOUR help then you will begin to see them as their inner source sees them.  When you believe that others need your help and you shore up their weaknesses with your strength then you aren’t helping them.  If you put time into looking for another’s strength even when it is hard to find that attention of them amplifies that strength.  It is equated to a spot light and as you shine the light on those strengths they will become apparent to others as well.  What you focus on ALWAYS builds momentum.

When others lash out at you angry with words or with action, know this; their battle is not with you, but with themselves.  When you do all you can not to take it personally and understand it IS their personal matter, and in time it will leave YOU out of that equation all together.  Sometimes you may think it is important what others think of you and with this ultimately you are seeking to extract approval through them.  In all honesty there is very little that you can do to keep their approval coming because it is never about you, but always about them.

It is very important to release ALL CONCERNS about how others feel about you.  You need only focus on how YOU feel about them and with that you are allowing yourself to unearth your core of understanding about who YOU really are and this is when you will discover true freedom!

At your core you are more alike with others than different; because you share a common thread which is source, love and expansion.  If you are feeling threatened by another know that threat is not real!   It is only YOU that can stop the flow of your natural well being.

When you insist on looking for positive aspects in others, in time only positive aspects can and will be shown to you, because that means that you will have incrementally adjusted your vibration point and by law of attraction, that MUST BE SO.

You CAN find a relationship you DESIRE with others, but there is something very important that YOU must do first.  You MUST become a VIBRATIONAL match to the qualities that you seek.  Remember what comes to you is ALWAYS a match!

Work on focusing on the best in others as you can even when the characteristics you want are missing you need to practice seeing them anyway.  Practice the thoughts of the things you desire they MUST show up in your experience, it is law.  You just need to learn to relax and KNOW that you are doing very well and the relationships you are seeking are flowing to you.  ENJOY the unfolding of all experiences and appreciate the IS.  Be eager for what is flowing to you.  Focus on the love, the experience, appreciate the now, and with purposed thoughts start blending yourself with your inner source which is the wholeness of YOU.


Many Blessings,



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