Children are the Ultimate Creators


download-2The amazing thing about kids is they know how to create the reality they desire because they remember why they are here.  They are always trying to get us to be less specifically bothered about things.  They thrive when we step back and go into a more general place of knowing well-being.

When we observe a discordant moment we often cannot do so without feeling the discord within ourselves.  We can’t teach from this place of energy emotion. This is a time where we need exercise restraint by waiting until we are in more of an aligned state.  It needs to be deliberate demonstration through our focused alignment that we set examples so that kids can truly get it.

Sometimes they may be hearing otherwise, but kids are witnessing something all around them to the contrary.  We can be diligent on teaching them that we can’t control other’s “niceness” but we sure can take every opportunity to inspire it from a place of our own niceness.

As much as we want to create a “feather bed” for kids to land on, we do need to think about the fact that they came here to experience their own story.  We can lead them by example, by being mindful about offering no advice or guidance from a place of malalignment.  We can’t solely teach with our words, because words don’t teach only life experiences teach.

A skill to master as parents, mentors, teachers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents is staying in alignment while observing discord.  Recognize that once we begin to observe discord we are then tuning into it and drawing it to us.  Sometimes, we may need to say “I am not in a good place to respond to this right now.” Then step back from it.

One thing that trips us up is the fact we care about how our kids are seen in the world.  We always want them to “behave,” but yet we want them “happy.”  We want them to be understood and perceived in a positive way.  It is a representation of our “parenting.”

Essentially we have taught ourselves in our life experiences are when we behave pleasingly then pleasantness came back to us.  The pattern that this “pleasing” others can feel like a trap and over time we learned to sacrifice our own story for others.  This only leads to resentment.  Is this REALLY what we want kids to learn?  Do we really only mean to teach them their story only matters if it is “pleasing” to others? Do we really want them to believe the untruth that life is about chance, luck, and the privileged?   Most of us already know how resistant that feels.

We continue to search outside of ourselves to find the validation and acceptance of who we are within.  Why do we want kids to seek the same untruth of their story?   We are creating and manifesting our story every step of the way.  What you think over and over writes it out and calls it in.  If you solely focus on health issues don’t more health issues ensue? What we think, what we say, what we perceive is what dictates the story.  DELIBERATE FOCUS on our thoughts and our vibrations is required to re-create the paradigm.

I have personally learned so much through my kids, through their ideas, imaginations, and sometimes very expressive ways of sharing their story.  I was THAT parent that was limited in my understanding on how magical and powerful creators we all are.  I was caught up in the lessons of my life experiences that I was recreating the same limitations with my boys.  At the end of the day I realized I didn’t want to be that parent that held tight to principles that stifled me with regard to my own story and most importantly my boys’ stories.


There are so many reasons many hold fast to the idea of these principles, mostly because they feel different and don’t want to believe that we create our own reality.  The only reason is because they haven’t figure out how to change or create it.  So they want to feel better about themselves.  Want to keep others from experiencing joy because they haven’t figured it out for themselves.

I for one don’t desire this for my kids.  I have deconstructed what I have constructed and through this work I invite a very open discussion with my boys on their ideas and their wants.  I encourage them to create these wants by understanding what they are feeling about it and then sharing it with the universe.  I support them with faith that no matter the outcome it is better than keeping them in the limited bubble of “you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t.”  They are learning to FEEL their way through the process and deliberately creating their world.

I am writing my story, setting the tone with examples of alignment.  When I feel wobbly at times I make the conscious decision to step back allowing me time to get my sea legs back.  I refuse to stop myself or my kids from passionate creation and reaching for whatever they desire.  The path of least resistance!

WE ARE POWERFUL CREATORS the proof is within our kids.  They remember why they are here and crave alignment from us.   Let’s face it…if we really wanted to admit it we could learn a lot from them, given the chance!


Many blessings


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