Universe and Your Desires

c_scalefl_progressiveq_80w_800EVERYTHING is vibration based.  All things carry momentum and the vibrations behind that momentum is a direct translation of what you have created within your reality.  How you respond to situations dictates how the outcome will take the course.  This is where deliberate reactions are necessary to create the outcome that is the best feeling, otherwise known as the path of least resistance.

When we desire things but place a lot of resistance then we create MORE resistance.  The laws of attraction are not selective it is solely based on the vibration of the energy.  Nothing that the Universe provides anyone is based on luck, chance, or privilege.  There is no discernment from the universe of what is drawing things to a person, only that the person is in control of this.  This is a requirement of mindful thoughts to create the purposed path of joy and the least resistance.

The life you seek is truly a lot easier than you are allowing yourself to believe.  Take yourself out of resistance and understanding the process will begin to click in line with you. The more energy you put behind your wants with excitement and FEELING ANTICIPATION the faster the universe can bring it.  Know this; the universe will bring it to you instantly, it is YOUR resistance that is pinching off the channels of receiving.

Recently I had an experience that I was speaking to a friend and she was doing a reading on me.  She got to this point of the reading where she paused and she said, “Do you understand that you’re not asking for the universe to bring you more?” I didn’t know what to say at first.  I sat quiet and she added, “Well, everything needs balance.  If you give and give and give that is the vibration you are emitting to the universe and that is increasing the giving you are doing, which feels to me is ultimately burning you out.” I was suddenly aware and admitted, “Yes it is true I do not ask for things.” She responded, “Well, WHY the hell NOT? You are deserving! The universe doesn’t discern the details it only goes by vibrations.”

So that started me on the quest of discovering why I wasn’t asking.  During the next few days of contemplation, I recalled a conversation with my husband only weeks prior to that reading that I literally had said, “I give and give where is my return?”  At the time I hadn’t even thought that deeply about it.  Now the aha moment was in full light and I realized that universe was taking this opportunity of contrast to answer me.

So this is what I have learned.

  1.  All things must be in balance for the path of least resistance.  How that happens is entirely up to ME, no one else but me.
  2. I must ASK as much as I GIVE, but more importantly be open to receiving.
  3. Feeling my emotions and knowing without question that I am WORTHY of asking. That was a huge piece for me, the misguided idea that I am no one, who am I to ask Universe, isn’t that selfish? I knew that I needed to clear out old programs denying me the truth of Universe.  It is NOT SELFISH to want or to receive those desires.  It is the purpose of my creation. I am HERE TO BE MY CREATOR and in that allowing myself to receive.
  4. LIFE DOES NOT NEED TO KICK MY ASS 24/7.  It can be most amazing and beautiful if I choose to see this and allow myself the pleasures of my desires.
  5. Learning that all things are vibrational so, therefore, my asking shifted my vibrations.
  6. Finally, understanding the laws of attraction and what it means to be on the path of least resistance.  Respecting the contrast instead succumbing to the struggle of it. Ending my internal martyrdom which was keeping me out of alignment.

When you decide on the path in which you are creating and you do so with the more deliberate manner with how you are processing and reacting, then you are on the path of least resistance.

You are opening yourself to the opportunity to establish a more purposeful style of living and that is enabling you the very essence of your originality and projecting the stability of that inner source vibration.

The truth is most of us are just sloppy with our vibrations.  We hop onto the bandwagon and join in on the games of others leaving us in a state of resistance.  If you are not doing for you, if you’re not establishing a relationship with your inner source, if you are not pleasing, loving, and honoring you then you are creating a resistance in your life.  Resistance can ultimately lead to illness and some cases death.

When you are feeling your way through your life, with the inner source energy that is your wholeness then you are discovering that the reality you are creating becomes more and more aligned on that path of least resistance.

This is NOT hard, it is a matter of decision and then practice.  Does it mean you can master it in a day, well perhaps not, you hold patterns, programs, and imprints from other experiences but, it does not need to be a task so huge or daunting you’re unwilling to strive for the betterment of your being!

You came here to be a creator.  In that, you can be the reality you were born to be.  It is always true that you thinking and what you are thinking is always a vibrational match to your current reality.

Whatever you are giving your observation to is causing an emotional reaction within you. When you are aligned with your inner source, then those emotional reactions are from a place of love and compassion.

Relationships improve not because you hold expectations of what that relationship will do for you, or hold a decision of what it SHOULD be doing, but because in all matters you’re alignment keeps you in a place of love.

Make a list of your wants.  Start on a single subject and decide to manifest in a day the desired outcome.  Focus on it over and over.  The important thing about this is, to be very sure of how you are feeling first about the subject.  Do some internal observations of your emotions on the subject first.  Then you can begin to create this outcome through the excitement and place of joy.  FEEL THE ANTICIPATION and learn the power of your thoughts.  Gratitude will manifest faster and faster, by being appreciative of all matters in the experience, even the ones that leave you uncomfortable.

You are the master of your story, so create it with joy and deliberate energy of high vibrations!

Many blessings


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