Co-creating Your Reality

master-your-mindCreation begins with you.  What is the momentum of your vibrational emotions.  What are you calling to you and what are you broadcasting?

What slows you down as a co-creator along with the momentum is the belief that it is hard work, then you think you need to “make it” a reality and you don’t understand that the momentum has already begun and is well on its way.  The proof of this; is in the very reason that you even received the idea or the knowing of your own desire.

Sometimes your desires come and they don’t last very long and the reason they don’t last very long is that the exhilarating feeling of a new life gets overshadowed by the reality that has already manifested.  The new budding reality that is in the process of turning from a vibration to a thought when you received it begins to choke when you focus solely on the current manifested reality.  It is a desire and that thought desire turns into a physical equivalence when you allow it to come. When you put into your vortex the thoughts of focus on the WANTS and desires and overcome the current reality you can begin to really unfold the magnificence of your creations.

Work on getting the sense of how vibration turns into manifestation.  You have a very hard time seeing this magnificent time space reality you are now living within.  It is hard to go back and understand that everything you are seeing, hearing, tasting, and touching was at one time a vibration that was conceived of by creator, the creator not so different from the creator that is now YOU.

You can BE A DELIBERATE CREATOR…you CAN UNDERSTAND the laws of the universe.  YOU CAN get in sync with the laws of this universe.   You can tap into the frequency and the momentum that is YOU, before YOU became this physical being that you know today, as YOU.


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