Being in the Now

releasing-the-intentionYou know how when you are having a conversation with someone and it’s really firing on all cylinders and you’re just flying high on this energy, you both are brilliant, the timing is in complete sync, you feel great, they feel great, and you both are having such clarity that you can feel it.  The ideas are coming, and you are feeling complete fullness, feeling so very alive in that moment.

What is happening in that moment is that you’re tuned in with the whole of you; which is essentially allowing yourself to be present in the moment.  These are the moments that you can really experience, create and drink in for all it’s worth.  The moment that you’re not closed off to the whole of you.

In this you’re not in resistance but you’re opening yourself to the “fullness of the now.”  It is THESE moments that you all crave in your life.  The moments when you’re sailing through the waters with not a worry, not a care, not a second to lose it just moves in sync with your emotions.

When you allow yourself to be fully present in the now you are allowing yourself the very thing you are striving toward.  The ultimate creator is right there ever present within you.   The source within you is always part of your thoughts, your ideas, your emotions, and your desires.  The source creator knows where you stand in terms of your vibration and what you are calling to you.  You’re not here to simply float through life, but to experience contrast and gratitude in order for you to openly and deliberately create your reality.  You didn’t come to lie on your back and give up, but to focus on your energies, frequencies, vibrations on the journey of true creation.  When you are in a bad mood isn’t everything harder? When you’re in a good mood doesn’t everything just click along? Moods affect how things go which is under your control of focus and purpose.

You came with all the inspirations already within provided by the ultimate creator, source.  This very awareness is important aspect to your creating edge.   When you allow the fullness of who you are through deliberate focus you can quickly come into alignment to what you want.

Sometime you may need to be more general with what you want.  Don’t force the idea of your desires when you’re in the middle of a storm of emotions or doubt.  Focus on the things that you desire again from a place of joy and excitement.  MOODS affect you so really learn to discern your vibrations through careful contemplation of emotions.

I recommend several things you can do to help yourself every day!

  1. Meditate 15 minutes a day. Meditation can be as easy or as difficult as you choose it to be.  I just suggest solid 15 minutes of honest intention of clearing your mind, your vibrations, gratitude, visualizing white cleansing light around you.  Feeling the emotions of the source within pull to the surface.  Being still while allowing the feelings of emotions of source.
  2. Get outside every day, no matter the weather and spend purposed time looking up and around, focus on all that you see. Pay attention to the amazing details of everything you are seeing.  Pay gratitude for each thing you see and its purpose in this world.
  3. Focus on a journal of gratitude. Pick five subjects that challenge you or ease you, the choice is yours, but begin to fill the pages of these subjects with as many positive thoughts as you can.  Choose everyday subjects and list appreciation for things you desire changes in.  If you desire changes in the way you view the government, well that should be one of your subjects and begin to carve out positive thoughts in that.  ALL things deserve your positive attention.  NOTHING in your vibrations will serve you in the negative aspect during this exercise.  Remember this is a process of creation.
  4. Finally, stand either outside or in a window and look outside and acknowledge there are universal forces focused right at you! Call it by the name you refer to this force and simply acknowledge that you understand you are the object of positive attention and that you are appreciating the continual help on your behalf and your well being.  No matter where you are or who you are with you are giving this force conscious awareness that it is with you.  Appreciating you, supporting you, assisting you, inspiring, guiding having fun, making you aware of self-love, uplifting, say this in a loop.  List as much as possible and allow this to fill you.  This will flood your vibrations and allow you to be a recipient to inner light awareness.  Your life will be forever changed when you choose to hold zero expectations of others and open yourself into the glory of the creator that you came to be.

The time is now, the choice is yours and the clarity is there within. You ARE source and capable of creating, you’re doing it every day.  Look at your world and know that you can create a new reality through the power of joy and deliberate focus on your moods, your emotions and letting go of expectations in others and not allowing the creations already in motion around you overshadow the prospect of your new creations.


Many Blessings,


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