Strengthen your Relationships

national-hug-day-709x371When you are in sync with yourself you can come from such a strong place to create and establish the reality you most desire.

One of the most important opportunities that you can build on are the thoughts and vibrations you align yourself.  You cannot place this on someone else to create for you.  In other words, you must do this for yourself before you can truly see the patterns of like minded thinking with others.

When you think about the relationships with the people that mean the most to you the tendency is to try to sync up and be like-minded with them.  Which is a big mistake because they’re not always in a place you want to sync with.  The attention and focus on where their emotions may be will ultimately take you there too.  You don’t mean to, but it happens because the observation is what syncs you to their place of like-mindedness.  Whatever you’re looking at if you give yourself more than 16 seconds attention you are now creating the momentum of that and once you cross the 16 seconds you can no longer blame them. You’ve given YOUR attention to it long enough that you’ve become like-minded with them.

It can be equated to the “mob” rule.  When the mob gets going it happens in teenagers, it happens with all ages really, and when the mob gets going you just want to “go along with the mob.”  It is better that you resonate with your inner mindedness over others.  You can easily be persuaded by the observation of someone and that will link you up to their like-mindedness and that often isn’t somewhere you even wanted to be.

You can reboot your thoughts by recognizing they are being unresourceful and turn your attention to the true nature of your being, which is love and gratitude.  Training yourself to be in a better place and feel better.

You want to be like minded with your inner source.  You can FEEL that your thoughts are not like that of your inner source. You can FEEL when they are like the “petty” teenagers you grew up with or they are like the fear mongers on CNN.  You can FEEL the difference in your thoughts than those of your inner source.

With regard to relationships closest to you whether it is a partner or another loved one, you have to say to yourself that you are reaching for like-mindedness apart from them. You have to say to yourself and mean, “I love you so much but you are second on my list.” You have to love you first, be like-minded with you first, foremost and always.  You must allow your inner self to be first. You must decide that you will not sacrifice your relationship with your inner source for anyone.  Be unwilling to sacrifice your like-mindedness over the source within you to validate others in a conversation. You have to choose your relationship with your inner being first, be unwilling to give up your happy light hearted moment to soothe someone that ultimately may not be soothable. You do not need to link your energies to theirs, nor do they need to do so for you.  When you come from a place of your inner being source, there is no interest in who is right or wrong, it just doesn’t matter.  Why go there? It is unresourceful.

Alignment can bring you forward into more intimacy with your relationships.  There are actions you can take to improve the way you feel for the reason that the action will often distract you from the attention of the subject that had a vibration that was created in resistance.  This is resourceful, but it is a better mode of learning how your deliberate intentions can change your vibrations and the way you feel which then inspires the action.

When you understand your emotions and vibrations then you can do something about contouring your thoughts purposefully. Then take action on other ideas which are inspired from that place of alignment.  All will go better for you and in the long run, you will have more consistency with the alignment of who you really are.

When you are tending to your alignment and your partner is tending to their alignment then the inspiration for delicious intimacies will occur much more often.  This is in all aspects of the relationship, conversations are sweeter, walks together are sweeter, even the conversations that are about things bothering you or you’re working on are sweeter.  Everything is better when you are in ALIGNMENT.

Ultimately this is about you getting in sync with who you truly are.  When you get into sync with who YOU are the likelihood of helping someone else get in sync with who they are is really strong.

When you’re loving someone and you’re tuned into that source energy and you are holding someone in the object of your attention, even if they are still at work, or across town or across the world, it doesn’t matter, your attention to anyone when you are in vibrational alignment with who you are is powerful attention.  They will feel this love you are projecting if they are anywhere vibrationally in the vicinity of it.  So, if you have the benefit of two people that understand this and are simultaneously working on self-alignment by focusing on how they feel and working to feel that most of the time, you will create much more intimacy and entwinement in all subjects of your experience.

Understand that law of attraction brought you together it is accurate to say you were on a similar wavelength or you wouldn’t be together, but now one of you may be on a different wave trying to understand how you can fall back into sync.   Sometimes one of them bounces out of this experience and sometimes the other comes along in a stronger way. You cannot take responsibility for what others are doing or not be doing.

Many of us say “I am much more in alignment than my partner.” I have said it.  I have said it numerous times and the truth is.  In that moment I was not.  Understand, this is important.  The source within you would never make that distinction.  So it is easy to say why you feel this way based on what you “observe” your partner is doing, and that is a misalignment.

Alignment is alignment.  It becomes a very powerful thing when you remove everyone else out of your equation and form a partnership with your inner being, source.  The like-mindedness that you are reaching for is that of your inner source being. What everyone else is doing is irrelevant to your equation.  Becuase when you are in sync with your inner being, you love them all anyway no matter what they are doing and saying.  You don’t need them to do things to please you.  You are already pleased, you are pleased by the resources of alignment of the universe.

Get in alignment, love your inner self and focus solely on what that brings to you. It will guarantee to open the floodgates to the laws of attraction based on new vibrations, it will heal your relationships because you are seeing your truth is yours and it is YOUR inner being that will love and not focus on the equation of another.  It will bring you into a new wave of like-minded thinking that is in sync with the source and thereby creating intimate relationships in all aspects.

Many blessings…


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