Choosing Appreciation in the Contrast

images (1)Sometimes you can’t start out in full appreciation you just woke up, you’re hardly awake to this new life, and you’re barely alive.  You really don’t want to hit the ground running.  Couldn’t you just bask and lie in the contentment for a little while?  Couldn’t you just lie there with this sweet, soft contentment? Sweet appreciation…

How about manifesting the emotion of appreciation?

“I can let the appreciation that is natural to me flow in by starting slower and easier and NOT introducing resistance to the equation, it is the only thing that keeps it from getting to me.”  There is a momentum in EVERYTHING!

The source within you knows right where you’re standing vibrational and manifesting?  What if it knows right where you stand in relationship to EVERYTHING you want, and knows without question the path of least resistance?  The path of most fun, the path of most satisfaction, the path that will lead you, not TAKE YOU BUT LEAD you from where you are to where you want to be!

What if you stumble onto something that lets you know you’re on a different path and isn’t it nice to KNOW you are on that path that’s not fitting your desires?

Don’t you LIKE knowing there IS a clear and enjoyable path to everything you want?  Don’t you just want to get on to that path?  So, sometimes you trip over things…and you can chose to get caught up in what you are tripping on by judging yourself or you can appreciate the experience, what if it is really only to alert you? Whether it feels good or bad you are ALWAYS being guided to the path of least resistance!

There are NO expectations for you to just hop on the “good feeling path” at all times!  You are free to experience negative emotions if you need to trip over it, then trip.  Your emotions are your emotions they are all what are helping you to find your way.  It’s more important you stop beating yourself up for not feeling good about something because, it’s part of the discerning!

Somethings things happen to bring you the clarity to something you weren’t thinking about before.  This is shedding light on greater things that are really, really important to you, because know this with certainty…THINGS ARE ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU…ALWAYS WORKING OUT FOR YOU.

Even when there are times you feel like people around you are thwarting you, isn’t it nice to know…you can always, step around them…



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