Manifesting better Relationships

blue-flower-of-lifeThe relationships that you are experiencing are a reflection of your vibrational stance.  At times you may lose harmony with others.  Sometimes you meet someone that you will instantly connect to or completely repel.  Your vibrations are completely magnetic. You come together with individuals through a vibration match.  This vibrational stance is the root of all your relationships.  Your energy frequencies will absolutely dictate the pattern of the relationship.

The law of attraction will deliver to you EXACTLY what you hold in your frequency.  That means your emotions whether subtle or not so subtle will be a direct correlation to what you create within your relationships.

One of the best exercises you can offer yourself is the deliberate observation of how you feel in your relationships.  Train yourself into a more vivid activation of every part of you and them.  Observing while selectively sifting through what you LIKE all the while giving what you do not like, less and less focus.  This is a DELIBERATE action that will activate within you the desires you want from the relationships in your life.  The conscious knowing is that you cannot control what people do or do not do.  Receiving with your heart the clarity to the laws of attractions will do the work for you.  It will deliver to you all things that you focus on and allowing the rest to fade away.  Law of attraction is completely based on the activity of your energy.  The path of least resistance is getting into alignment with which you are and allowing the law of attraction to carve out wonderful relationships when done.

The most important thing is that you are worthy of love and you are worthy of anything you desire.  Universe sees you as valuable as anyone else and it is never about being “privileged” or “more important.”  There are zero limitations to your creations.  It isn’t waiting on Universe; it is realizing that your desires are already around you.   The proof of this fact is the very idea you hold, for your desires.  The only limitations are what you place in your energies.  It isn’t the “timing” of universe as much as it is the allowance and willingness of you and the receptive mode you are currently in vibrational.

Sometimes your desires come and they don’t last very long and the reason they don’t last very long is that the exhilarating feeling of a new life gets overshadowed by the reality that has already manifested.  The new budding reality that is in the process of turning from a vibration to a thought when you received it begins to choke when you focus solely on the current manifested reality.

Allow the universe to work out the match. Focus on what you want and everything else that doesn’t feel good to you will be “none of your business.”  I found myself holding this process very close to myself. I repeated to myself “it is none of my business” over and over until suddenly I realized it REALLY ISN’T my business.  I clean up my own back yard.

How do you create better relationships?

By deciding that anything that isn’t yours is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS and then owning your part.  Don’t give anyone the BLAME OR CREDIT for how you feel or what is happening in your life.  Own how the person looks at you; own how they speak to you, and own how they treat you.  Law of order will not keep someone close to you that is not a match to your vibration.  So, when someone is unkind you can say simply say “I deserve you” or “I expected that, it’s what is in my vibration.”

That is big pill to swallow isn’t it?

It sure is, however; I speak from personal experience and I have done years of self-reflection and in that I am appreciatively and humbly allowing myself a view of my relationships from a higher conscious place.  There is NOTHING in my life that my soul hasn’t agreed to and as the avatar to my soul I am therefore in the direct line of these experiences. Often it is all about self-sabotage. Sometimes it is the addiction to the victim vibration.  Sometimes it just feels easier to keep on creating from a place of dense vibrations, but if it doesn’t FEEL good than it is NOT the path of least resistance.

So how have I worked on resolving these challenging emotions and vibrational shifts with others?

By, deciding that I will trust universe.  I decided that I will put out into the universe what I want. I decided to view the challenges of others with purposed thoughts based on what I LIKE about them.

I reflect on what drew to me in to them into him first place.  I focus on the list of the positive attributes and I incorporate the strong energy of what I want with excitement and joy. I think carefully on WHY I want certain things which helps to keep the momentum moving.  Sometimes you are thrown into situational relationships; an example of this may be your work environment.

What brought you to that experience and the multiple personalities has nothing to do with you, right?

Wrong, all things draw you magnetically through your vibrations, your desires, your thoughts, and your wants. This is why it is important to “feel” your choices. Remember you are manifesting every moment of every day. You’re just aren’t giving yourself enough credit.  When you’re in a situation of oil and water personalities, you can consider a few things.  People are fabulous teachers. It opens you to an opportunity to evaluate what is within you to work out for the betterment of your being. (WE ARE CONNECTING because of LIKE ENERGY).  Secondly it may be a method to get your attention in some matter that you may be overlooking in your life.  The reasons are many and it is unique to each soul, so I offer you the continued advice of sifting through your emotions by asking why they may be troubling you, why they may get under your skin.

You have a choice you can either stay in the stagnant energies of self-sabotage or you can leave the old reality behind and create a new reality for yourself.  Start to care about how you feel.  Decide that no one needs to change their behavior for you because you are in complete control of your reactions and your behavior. Stop beating up anyone else as well as stop beating yourself up when you can’t seem to flow with this truth.

Work on firing up your passion of imagination. Keep a notebook of positive aspects. Tune yourself in these small efforts to the person you really are.

When you’re aware of how you feel and you like how you are feeling, than you can practice focusing on those feelings which allows more and more of that to come to you.  The power of the energy and universe will carve this out.  It is up to YOU to decide on what it is you want.  BE very specific on this, but be very mindful of the positive.

You want to be understood, but you must understand that you can’t control how others receive you.  You can only control if you are in the receiving mode and what are you receiving?  What you broadcast is what you are receiving. Broadcast from a state of alignment. Remember alignment is being “in love with everything.”

Don’t worry about how others receive you.  When you care about what anyone is receiving from you that is what introduces you into resistance.  That energy doesn’t allow you to get the momentum going on creating your desires and holding fast to your heart’s content.

DO WHAT DOES FEEL GOOD and PURPOSELY FOCUS ON THAT…Manifest from a state of alignment.  Focus on your emotional vibrations and connect to your source energy.  Your source energy knows exactly where you stand in vibration, in manifesting, and will LEAD you to the path of least resistance.  Isn’t it great to know that your inner source knowing is all you need to find this joy? Listen to your gut and practice your thoughts of peace, love and joy.  It is a muscle that many far too often don’t exercise.

Many blessings…

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