The Path of Least Resistance


What is the path of least resistance?

It is what feels BEST, what is most appealing to you, and what is emotionally attractive to you.  This path is so easy when you are in alignment.  Alignment is “being in love with everything.”

Look at your life, the life you are currently manifesting through your thoughts and emotions. Are YOU on the path of least resistance? Does it feel good? Are you feeling fulfilled and in a state of excitement to see what comes each day? If not, then you are in the contrast of resistance and with that is the distortion of your well-being.

To make a change and get on the path of least resistance you need to give yourself permission to follow that path.  Give yourself permission to follow your heart.  It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you about following your heart, it only matters on if you are willing to allow.  The Universe wants to give you everything you desire and more.

Understand that you are manifesting your reality every day, every moment of every day.  It is under your complete control and it is a strong indication of how your vibrations and emotions are steering you on the path.  If you are tied into the emotions of regret, fear, remorse, guilt, anger, frustration, lack, and the list goes on, that is EXACTLY what you are creating and manifesting within your world and that puts you into resistance. Resistance is when you are not feeling your best emotionally and the choices you are making aren’t feeling good.  This concept may be challenging to grasp especially if you are deep in the resistance mode.  In some ways, a choice to stay in the density of one’s messy reality is a false path of least resistance because it may just be “easier” to remain in the density than to climb out of it by changing your thoughts, emotions, and reactions to what is in your life.  Completely focus on getting on the path of least resistance and discover how clever universe will be in showing you how easy it can be.

Learn to discern WHY you feel what you’re feeling. Work at not being reactive to your emotions.  Be deliberate in your responses.  For many people it is easier to shut down the entire course of “feeling” altogether however; that is not a realistic idea because your emotional vibrations exist whether you acknowledge them or not. This is not about finding the “right” path and it is never about “getting off the path.”  You are never OFF the path you are on the path that you created.  There is no right or wrong to this, only different.  It is important to understand the difference is in the feelings you are allowing while on the path you’re creating.  Remember, the path of least resistance is what FEELS best and what FEELS most appealing to you.

Where does one start?

Well, it is imperative to start with the understanding that all things are created from vibration.  Discerning where YOUR emotional vibrations fall is a good place to unravel what it is that you are manifesting and why.  Humans are vibrational beings and what you project into this world holds a vibration to it.  Every thought and every word spoken creates the vibration that turns into the thought that brings the momentum of your desires or unwanted situations, in some cases.

Keep your focused attention on what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Understand that what you are allowing into your energies from others does and will influence your vibrations.  This means the frequencies of your vibrations pull in like frequencies.  You can deliberately change what you’re receiving from others by tuning into what you are holding within to attract this energy you are experiencing.  NONE of us are victims in any situation we experience here. It is imperative that you own your own choices and energy patterns in all matters. You cannot control what others say and do but you can control your reactions.  That said, what are your emotional vibrations?  Well, think of a subject and then focus on what it is your feeling about that subject.  Are you nervous and fretful or does it bring you excitement and joy? This is a huge indicator of your emotional vibration on that subject.  In time you can begin to apply this in all areas of your life. The most ideal scenario is to FEEL your emotions and then MANIFEST from that point. Remember, what you SAY and what you are actually FEELING vibrationally is what universe hears.

Universe reads our energies and does not discern the emotions from which these vibrations are evolving from.  It picks up our emotions and whichever vibration output holds the highest emotions backing it up, is what comes in from universe.  That being said, the best RULE of thumb is to NOT focus on what you DON’T WANT. Give those thoughts very little energy if any at all, because universe will bring what you are thinking about over and over.  If you are constantly thinking about your don’ts that is exactly what you will draw in and manifest as your reality.  On the other hand when you WANT something hold the vibration of joy, excitement, and anticipation.  Put yourself in a place of feeling excited and joyful. You can begin to create a new desire from a place of empowered love and joyful creation.  Visualize something that brings you great joy.  Think about how you feel in that moment of joy, replay that over and over and from that mountain top of joy and freedom ask the universe for what you want.  Be very specific when you are in the creation mode of your wants and be certain you are allowing in the energy of joy and excitement to help get the momentum going.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO know how you FEEL before you begin to design your reality with your thoughts.

The next step is to know that it is already around you, by the sheer fact you had the idea to begin with.  You need to allow it to flow to you and you must give yourself permission to accept it.  You are always in the “receptive” mode, look at your reality, what is it that you are receiving?  Focus on what you’re receptive to in order to know where you are with your emotional vibrations.  The universe wants to create everything you desire and it is already around you, but YOU must be in alignment to receive it.  It isn’t that you need to wait for it.  Once you put it out there it only takes 16 seconds for that vibration to link up to universe. Keep the momentum of this desire by removing doubt.  How do you get rid of doubt? Before it starts!

DECIDE the IDEA of what you want and when you say something you don’t mean the laws of attraction hears what YOU DO mean!  In other words, you can say all day long you desire this or that, but if your vibrations say otherwise then that is what universe hears.  I equate it to when I do readings for people.  I am not tuned into what is being said to me I am tuned into the energies of the person.  I have had clients TELL me their feelings, but they end up being empty words.  Like the universe I tap into the vibrations of their emotions. This leads me to their truest emotions behind what they are sharing.  I am not suggesting they are intentionally trying to hide the truth, often it is complete self-denial for the sake of self-preservation.

Contrast is showing you what you  want vs what you don’t want.  The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of living and experiencing the contrast aspects of your life is to do so with gratitude.  This takes practice but if you diligently apply your conscious mind to being appreciative of uncomfortableness by allowing the idea that it is actually a GOOD thing, you can appreciate the contrast from a higher point of view. This in turn is keeping your vibrations higher.  The key here is to be intentional and DELIBERATE with your emotional vibrations.  When you sink into the misery of your reality and block out the essence of why it is in contrast in the first place you deny yourself the opportunity to achieve and hand create what you desire.  It is a powerful example to set forth the limitless opportunities before you.

FEEL for 30 days, put your diligence into it.  Create a thought path, a feeling path not an action path. Let the action sit where it is for a while. Don’t make any strong decisions for at least 30 days until you have a sense of following the path of least resistance is really about.  Again to reiterate, the laws of attraction are the thoughts you place into your vibration. When you think about it you are putting it in your vibration.  But when you think about what you DON’T want and say ‘no” to it you are including that into your vibration too.

Whatever you have been offering a subject vibrational IS the path of least resistance. That is why if you’re on the negative rampage it’s easier to stay on the rampage than change the thought. Being focused on unpleasant is easier than going from the negative to the positive.  The difference is it DOESN’T FEEL GOOD.

Begin to consciously acknowledge what the law of attraction is doing in your life.  Pay attention to your emotions with greater determination to know why you are feeling and what you are feeling.   Discovering the path of least resistance! It is important to know what you don’t want, but not to put a lot of thought into that vibration.  Who you really are and what you really want has not even recently activated within you.

If you activate your appreciation for life, your relationships and tune into appreciation, then the path is in tune to loving the moment.  Loving the moment or the person no matter the choice it’s all path of least resistant.  Honor the person even if they aren’t honoring you.  Basking and dreaming in alignment of well-being allows a more solid understanding of the path of least resistance.  The path is aligned with the vibration of the moment.  When you take the time to tune into source energy it won’t matter who is right or wrong in any situation.

Finally,  if you carve out a path thought by thought, day by day, gesture by gesture that aligns you with the energy that is the essence of you.  The path of least resistance always feels good!  Always follow your bliss, your joy in alignment with source.  All unfolds effortlessly.  Amazing things happen, working to align yourself with well-being, learning to CONTROL your mood.  More thought work, choosing things, that feel good doing taking care of you.  The path of least resistance always feels good but you need to practice it with thought of freedom to discover its magic.

Get what you want by only thinking about what you want. Love of the universe is always benevolent, abundant, never wavering, and always ready to provide.  Love how focused you can be on the points of purpose in your life. Love how fulfilled it has flowed through your energies as renewal of clarity.  Love in the moment of the contrast and accept the choice of this experience to allow in the desires of your heart.

Many Blessings

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