Disconnecting from the Contrast of Others

It is important to accept that out of the contrast comes the design.  When you become accepting of differences of opinion and realize that everyone is getting to choose their point of view, you can begin to see through the contrast and use it as an opportunity of creation.  Anyone that finds their own power […]

Where You Need to Be Right Now

What is active is your vibration in the here and now? When you tune into your emotional vibrations and begin to dissect what is active, it can take you on a journey of discovery. Please understand that when you’re considering WHY something is active in your vibrations or HOW it became active you’re focused on […]

Write Your Story

The resistance you experience in your life is part of the process within your expansion, but there can come a time when you allow the contrast just to be, without resisting it so much.  When you walk aligned then the contrast is viewed through appreciation.  Releasing resistance will allow the flow of abundance and well-being […]

Children are the Ultimate Creators

  The amazing thing about kids is they know how to create the reality they desire because they remember why they are here.  They are always trying to get us to be less specifically bothered about things.  They thrive when we step back and go into a more general place of knowing well-being. When we […]

Co-Creating Relationship Wholeness

The subject of relationships plays a very significant role to you, because without others you could not be yourself.  The others with whom you share this life with are of tremendous importance even when you want different things.  This world is large enough to accommodate all of the variety of interests, beliefs and desires.  Differences […]

Universe and Your Desires

EVERYTHING is vibration based.  All things carry momentum and the vibrations behind that momentum is a direct translation of what you have created within your reality.  How you respond to situations dictates how the outcome will take the course.  This is where deliberate reactions are necessary to create the outcome that is the best feeling, […]

Co-creating Your Reality

Creation begins with you.  What is the momentum of your vibrational emotions.  What are you calling to you and what are you broadcasting? What slows you down as a co-creator along with the momentum is the belief that it is hard work, then you think you need to “make it” a reality and you don’t […]

Being in the Now

You know how when you are having a conversation with someone and it’s really firing on all cylinders and you’re just flying high on this energy, you both are brilliant, the timing is in complete sync, you feel great, they feel great, and you both are having such clarity that you can feel it.  The […]

Strengthen your Relationships

When you are in sync with yourself you can come from such a strong place to create and establish the reality you most desire. One of the most important opportunities that you can build on are the thoughts and vibrations you align yourself.  You cannot place this on someone else to create for you.  In […]

Choosing Appreciation in the Contrast

Sometimes you can’t start out in full appreciation you just woke up, you’re hardly awake to this new life, and you’re barely alive.  You really don’t want to hit the ground running.  Couldn’t you just bask and lie in the contentment for a little while?  Couldn’t you just lie there with this sweet, soft contentment? […]