Path to an Open Heart

imagesI am a divine channel and as such I get wonderful messages of love and light, daily.  The recent messages that I am receiving  are discussions of the heart.  All of us are a divine source of energy and light, even the most unsettled folks carry a divine spark.  That is the beauty of this world, honestly.  The diversity of each of us and yet the link is undeniable, we are all connected by one common thread of divine light and love.  The challenge in this is that we are being programmed by society on how to give and receive love.  We are programming our children and we are accepting the bare minimum as “good enough.”  We have so much opportunity to create a world of peace and light, that all it takes is for us to open our hearts to all things great and small.  We need to understand that the duality of this realm creates a deep burden of fear among the collective, the world.  Fear is the opposite of love.  Love is the only thing that matters, the only thing that is real.

One of the first exercises I work on with my clients is that of their heart and the lesson of self-love.  We discuss the power of the heart and we discuss the importance of how the heart can allow for solid progress in healing this beautiful planet and her inhabitants. Many do not understand this concept, unfortunately, based on societies misconceptions we are frequently searching self-satisfaction in others.  We aren’t turning within and filling our own cup.  Sadly, we set impossible expectations on others that will inevitably fail. It is a bit disconcerting to know that so many beautiful souls are heart blocked.

What do I mean by heart block?  It is a self-imposed protection.  For most it is on a very subconscious level.  It is not allowing the energies of love to flow within our heart. It is a “block” of self-expression and acceptance of our own being. We truly create blocks of energies that can cause harm to our heart or even the tissues around our heart.  It is dense energies that quietly fester within our physical organs and adjoining tissues around them.

We hold within our divine physical being three bodies.  The physical body, the spiritual body, and the mental body.  It is important that we provide each of those bodies the “exercise” and “nourishment” they require for health and strength.  Balance is essential for us to exist here in this realm of big challenges, heartache, disappointments, and great fear.

I liken it to a story of a woman who went from fifty pounds over weight down to a slim size six.  She began a strict regimen of working out and diet changes.  She put all of her focus into her physical being.  As a result, she felt strong  and became the epitome of health.  Then one day, her husband told her he wanted a divorce.  This set her into a tailspin but she didn’t let that stop her.  Subsequently,  with the years of a struggling marriage, she wasn’t all that shocked by the events that led to their divorce.  After their divorce was finalized, the dust settled, she had a routine doctor visit where they discovered a lump in her left breast.  She was sent for mammograms followed up with a biopsy.  The diagnosis of breast cancer was given to her only months after her divorce was settled.  At first glance, everyone was shocked by this outcome.  The don’t understand it, she “takes such good care of herself. She watches all her food, totally organic, and works out daily.”  She was by societies’ standards the epitome of health.  What we don’t see was the draining life she had for years in a withering marriage.  It plagued her daily.  It is necessary to really begin to place energy into the simple fact, we are composed of three bodies.  When these bodies are out of balance it can create serious healthy issues.  Now, add to that; the family’s history and other environmental factors.  The truth is that this woman was just going through the motions.  She began to hold onto the poison which ate through her like acid.  By the time she made a point to get on track the damage was well underway.  We must learn to see that what we bury within, what we hold in our body, the poison, which is a result of our fear, anger, resentment, guilt, addictions, and so on is extremely damaging to our mind, body, and soul.  We need to work on the mental side of health and our spiritual health too.  I am not referring to religion.  I speak only on the aspect of LOVE and peace, compassion, and self-love.  If religion is something you experience that brings you peace, then please by all means do what works for you.  I am, however, speaking solely on the fundamentals of love.

Any dense emotion that is not addressed, acknowledged, or released can fester within and cause complications and compromise the balance of our overall health.

Imagine if you will; two vessels side by side, both empty.  How is anything shared between vessels when they are both empty?  We cannot give what we do not hold for ourselves.  If you attempt to pour from one to another, nothing happens.  Now imagine one is half full.  One cannot be enough for the other.  What happens when you pour the contents of that half full vessel into the other.  It is depleting for the sake of the other.  I want to establish with my clients that the only way they can fully achieve the inner peace and sound energies for their being is to begin within.  Filling their own vessel with love, appreciation, and compassion.

We need to stop teaching our children to love outside themselves.  It is not selfish to hold love for yourself, it is imperative.  We need to tell our hearts that they are loved and we need to express it openly.  We need to BE love for ourselves, know we are all worthy.  There is not a single soul here that is less or more valuable than me.  We are all the same and yet we are different.  We are all one, with diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.  We must be love for ourselves, by understanding that the only block that prevents us from this self-love and this growth of our spirit is the illusion that our ego places on us.

Ego is not confidence it is insecurity.  Ego is the most unkind voice in our heads about ourselves and others.  It is the judge and jury and it doesn’t care who it hurts.  Especially ourselves.  It is what tells us we can’t or we’re not good enough.  It is that voice that is knocking at the door to hurt us.  It is the singular energy that causes every conflict in our lives.  Ego can be displayed as arrogance but truly within it is the voice of great insecurity.

Love is the balance of all three bodies.  I tell my heart every day I love it, I work daily at balancing my ego.  I teach my kids the importance of loving themselves so they can hold compassion and mercy for others, but more importantly for themselves.  I teach that none of us are more worthy than another, and to work past the illusion of the ego.

Look beyond the message of society.  Look at yourself and see yourself through the eyes of compassion.  Accept your flaws as perfection.  Love your heart daily and stop judging yourself and others.  There is no right or wrong, only different and if you look beyond the untruths of society you will begin to tend to the garden of your heart.

Love you first in all matters and release anything within that prevents this from happening.  This is finding that path to an open heart.  I hope you are able to empower your heart today.  It is the truest sense of spirit we can offer ourselves and this life.

Many Blessings,


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