Power of Intention

Releasing-CeremonyThe first thing that we need to do is balance and suspend our egos. It is this part of our conscious mind that compels us to fear, anger, and doubt. It is because of this, that is the primary method of deteriorating our relationship with the Divine source. Our egos are the idea we carry around and it is the source of all of our problems.  That is what separates us from the source.  The second thing that we need to do is learn to create the life, health, and people we want encircling us.
It is important to surround ourselves with conditions we want to produce in our lives. If we are saying “I can’t” or “It won’t work” it disconnects us from the Source, God. Every NEGATIVE thought is resistance to connecting to the Divine source, the infinite power of intent is available to everyone!
The secret to this life is simply asking the universe for anything we want, believing that universe will deliver and hold faith in all circumstances. Visualizing the outcome as if the universe has already provided. Feeling the emotion behind it not just saying it. This is the secret to the universe. The power of our trust and asking is the first part and then the expectation and gratitude of it, as if it has already arrived.
Our intentions are the powerhouse energies behind our lives.
It is important to live our lives ON purpose. Pull from Divine source and feed our lives. Be inspired or in spirit by some great purpose. We need to be of service. Doesn’t matter what type of service, what matters is that at some point we are of service. Always focusing on surrounding ourselves with the conditions we want. That isn’t to suggest that we focus on what we DON’T WANT. Focus like that will only bring more of what we don’t want. We must look at what we do want and create that for ourselves.
Set intentions of kindness specifically to our kids and relatives. Start with making an intention of peace in our lives with everyone including our relatives. Acts of kindness raise serotonin. When our serotonin raises our immune system gets strengthened. Be kind because even an observer of the act of kindness raises their serotonin. Kindness is a big ripple in this pond of life.
Set an intention of respecting ourselves at all times. We need to look within and realize that we are created perfect. We are whole and we are perfect. When we are judging others we aren’t defining them with our judgement we are defining ourselves. Judgement is not being in a state of love. Being in a state of love must be our first priority. For many that seems nearly impossible. How can we be expected to love when there is so much chaos and hardships among us? How can we be in a state of love when we are so busy with life? How can we be in a state of love when so many hurt others and this world? The answer is simple. We need to set the intention of being in a state of love. Compassion above all. That’s truly creating the world where light and love can encapsulate all that we are. All our fears, anger, doubts, addictions, and especially our ego. We live in a place of addiction. We live addicted to pain and heartache. Love is the repair of this. Love is the state of being, not just a word thrown around. Love is what creates the kindness that heals others and ourselves.
Believe in abundance. Believe in your prosperity. Don’t focus on the debt you desire to repair. Focus and expect the abundance you are more than capable to receive. That is the key first asking, then believing, manifesting with visualizing and holding faith for as long as it takes. HOLD THE EXPECTATION, hold gratitude that it has already come. Bless your currency as it flows in and flows out. Trust that universe is carefully assisting us of our desires.
Understand that what we think, say and feel is what we attract. Set intentions to attract ideal people into our lives. We send out energy vibrations that create our relationships. What we think about ourselves and how we feel within is a huge creator of our immediate surroundings. We cannot give out what we do not hold for ourselves. We must unconditionally love and profoundly accept ourselves.
If we love in abundance, expect miracles and live with kindness in all facets of our lives then we can watch our lives unfold and shift. That is the power of our intentions. A path is not created by one pass. A path is created by repetitive passes over and over. We cannot simply say this once and believe it is done, this is work we must do as mantras. Live by the heart and allow the heart’s desire to create.



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