Empath & Clairsentient

empathsBeing an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. This means that your life is unconsciously influenced by other’s desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. Being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it isn’t limited to emotions.
On the other hand, being Clairsentient means clear sensing, the ability to feel the past, present and future physical and emotional states of others. Psychics with this gift are able to receive information from houses, public buildings, and outside areas.

Because both of these gifts are based highly on feeling and sensing it can become challenging for the psychic to be in public or in a space filled with a lot of people. Overload of feelings can quickly overwhelm an empath/clairsentient. Both can give actually physical symptoms a person is experiencing as well. This can also affect someone that is picking up on a person that has passed away. For example, A friend of mine lost her father. When he came through to me for a reading I struggled with shortness of breath. I felt a real physical symptom, as he passed from a heart attack due to congested heart failure. Once I am able to identify the person it gets better, but a beloved will keep me in this state to validate their presence until the family member understands.

These two gifts are most prevalent in our society. Many people that I assist in learning their gifts often reflect and acknowledge their lifetime of “sensing” things. What many just pass off as nothing really can put a complicated puzzle together to understand their struggles more clearly than before. I hear a lot “I thought I was going crazy!” or “I have always sensed this and never knew why!” These gifts are very prevalent, we all carry this gift, some are much more in tune with it than others.
It is not uncommon that Clairsentient/Empaths have addictive behaviors. They search for ways to “numb” the constant barrage of energy. If you’re not sure it is your stuff versus someone else’s it can really be a tricky situation. This is more with respect to people that haven’t identified their gifts as “feeling.” It can become quite debilitating for many, when left unidentified. It comes down to the point of not understanding what they are feeling or why.

A very strong indicator of Clairsentient is when you are close to someone, and can sense them, what they are feeling even at a distance.
Empath and Clairsentient skills are closely related but do differ a little.
If you’re empath you’re rather sensitive emotionally. They take on the emotions of the people around them. Quite often they have difficulty expressing their emotions to the people around them. In general, people unconsciously seek out empathic people. They are very easy to talk to and can become a “dumping ground” of emotions. The bad news is empaths will suddenly pick up this energy and become sad. Even in extreme cases depressed. Empaths can figure out other’s emotions that they largely ignore their own. Often in relationships empaths will sacrifice themselves for another. The frequently draw in narcissistic personalities.

  • Empaths are prone to random mood swings.
  • In crowds your emotions run high, you fluctuate from anxiety, panicky to angry and frustrated. You want to be in a large crowd but it often results in being tired. This is because of the waves of emotions you are experiencing.
  • People seek you to feel better.
  • You have the need to make everyone feel better.
  • You somehow know just what people need to hear to feel better.
  • Difficulty expressing your own emotions and find it much easier to focus on others.
  • You can ignore and explain away bad treatment from people toward you. You explain it away that they need you and on some level that is enough.
  • You are a natural healer. You have a NEED to heal and help people, you will do so in sacrificing your own needs.
  • You are a magnet and receptacle of negative energy. You are open to it because others place it there and put it on you, and you’re ready to take it.
  • You don’t like feeling down, sad and or depressed, but you’ve resigned yourself that your life is meant to feel this way.
  • You are a nature baby. Being outdoors in nature is very healing, water, at the beach, a good rain or a good storm. Anything to do with nature is very clearing and you crave it.
  • Clairsentients are highly sensitive to their surroundings. This can cause mood swings.
  • Going into crowds you will often get headaches, nausea, and other physical symptoms.
  • You have an almost unreasonable desire to avoid going near or into places like hospitals, cemeteries, prisons, jails. You may even become a bit panicky if you have to go near them.
  • You can “feel” the presence of spirits, but you don’t understand what you’re feeling nor do the spirits present themselves to you–you can just feel something “odd” when you are in a place where a spirit might be.
  • You touch other people’s belongings and your emotions begin to inexplicably change
  • You go to other people’s homes and your emotions begin to inexplicably change. You may even attribute it to not liking the people, but have no definitive reason why you don’t like them, you just don’t!
  • You think of someone who is not around you, and you inexplicably know how they are feeling
  • You think of someone who is not around you, and you inexplicably know something good or something bad is going to happen to them (this is knowing how that person will feel in the future, but if you do not have the gift of clairvoyance, you will not know what the event will be, you will just know how they are going to feel about it)
  • You have the weird talent of “distance healing.”
  • You talk to someone over the phone and they feel better whereas you feel worse. Or, you think of someone at a distance and begin to feel worse. You later talk to this person and find out they were thinking of you and felt better afterward.
  • You can feel other people’s pain, even the location of the pain on their body. Sometimes you will take on that feeling within your own body.

Most of what you’ve just read doesn’t sound overly positive, does it? Now do you see why the gifts of Clairsentience and Empathic skills are a gift and a curse? These two gifts actually can be very positive if recognized and channeled properly.

Many have been diagnosed with depression that could be struggling with the gifts of Empath/Clairsentient. Do some research, because you may just find there’s not anything “wrong” with you other than that you were given a gift that no one ever told you that you had. You also may find yourself on a new path–one of peace and happiness.


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