The Waterfall


The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, was inspired to ruminate on the waterfall as the continuous evolution of beings. The drops of water which make up the waterfall are renewed each second, just like the view in Buddhism of the purely illusory components of manifestation.

A dream I had of two waterfalls which has had me immersed deciphering its meaning… Through the magic of universe I was shown.  The message opened like the petals on a lotus flower, one by one.

I was sharing with a friend this morning my philosophy that every moment of every day we are unveiling our truth and with each passing moment the truth becomes either more true or less true than the moment that has passed.  Our being is in constant motion flowing and evolving minute by minute.  Many are unaware of the massive evolution that is happening within and around them.  The distractions are too grand for them to see the process of their evolution.

One waterfall in my dream was raging, muddy and held a giant whirlpool beneath it, dark and foreboding.  The other was calm and gently flowing.  As I observed them I interpreted them reminiscent to my masculine and feminine energies but what if it is even bigger than me?

I feel they are symbolic to humanity, showing the duality in which people exist. Some evolving out of their fear.  Where others evolve from a place of calm. One represents the murky and raging fear that grabs hold of us and the other shows unyielding unity of one droplet flowing into the next.

The messages are all open to interpret, but the symbolism of a waterfall is the Yin and Yang of our beings,  the generous and unyielding flow.  The question is, which waterfall are you?


Many Blessings…

What Do You Believe?


Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”  ~Lewis Carroll

For many believing in something can be a sword and a shield.  The sword cuts away from all things that stops us from living our fullest potential and the shield protects us behind the safety of our choices.

When we believe something is impossible and we place focus on this belief, we build it with momentum showing the power of that truth, and it becomes impossible.  When someone dares to voice their dreams that “seems impossible” but believes in their dream their success flows to them.  It is the law of attraction.  What we deny ourselves through our vibrations is what we believe to be impossible.

If you believe… BELIEVE by putting FEELING BEHIND IT… anything is POSSIBLE.  We ARE the creators… it is up to us to believe in the impossible and set sail with faith and trust.  Some are ready to do this no matter the outcome, others baby steps and some may never find the belief strong enough to withstand the storm of fear.

What are you finding impossible? Is it YOU that believes it to be impossible or is it someone else’s fears filling you with lack and hesitation?

I received a divine channel not that long ago, and the message was very concise.  “Dear one, you cannot have one foot in the boat and one foot in the water and be in balance.  Either jump in and swim or climb back into the boat and accept.  The choice is yours, but understand growth never comes from being afraid to swim.”


Many Blessings.

I love You

While speaking to my parents I got an urge to speak the words “I love you” to them but I hesitated and stopped myself.  When I hung up the phone I pondered how strong the urge was to say it.  Why did I stop myself? What kept me from speaking these words after all I speak these words regularly? What I came to understand is that the imprint of my childhood holds me back from saying  “I love you” to my folks, it wasn’t something we said.

So here I am, seated in front of my computer sharing this intimate detail of my personal fear in speaking the very words I teach others to discover for themselves.  What if I say them and I don’t hear it back?  What if I can’t say them because I’ve buried something within that has built a barrier?  What is the fear?

The urgent push to say these words is weighing on my heart.   So, I will reach out to my folks today, I will say them and I will be glad I have done so.  Now is the time to build and foster our relationships, don’t wait until they aren’t here to hear the words, “I love you.”

Today my message is simple and I am applying this to my heart as I type.  Tell those around you that you LOVE THEM… tell them every chance you get.  Don’t wait to share this, don’t wait to hear from them first, don’t regret not saying it.

Reach out and share your heart, expand, open and just trust it is always for the greater good no matter how it is received or not received.  LOVE, SPEAK IT, SHOW IT, SHARE IT, BE IT…

Many blessings…

Who is Going to Stop Me?

I can say with all honesty I have always been a force of independence and drive.  I never took a fancy to “rules” or “the right thing.” I don’t even believe in the fairytale of “right from wrong” I only view life as a series of different choices.   I spend no energy judging others or their decisions.  Anytime I was told that I couldn’t; I would serve a large bowl of “you bet your ass I can!”  This has proven to be a gift and a curse.  The gift is, I refused to give up.  I am wired with determination and motivation so when I set out to do something I get it done. The curse is the challenges that can arise in the battles of will with others.

I am clear on one thing; this is the ONLY life I will live as Karen Ann, so I will always aspire to be grand with my choices.  I stopped being bold for many years.  I allowed the idea of other’s get to me, questioning if perhaps “maybe I am too wild?”  I surrendered to playing it safe.  In doing so, I lost a huge piece of my spark.  The toll this caused was to take years off of my journey and now I am fervently rebuilding.   I realize what a waste it had been to “listen” to everyone else.  No one walks in my shoes better than me.   No one sees the perspective I share with my soul within my purpose.  Therefore who is going to stop me?  I reserve the right to be THE ONLY ONE capable of changing my course.

Live your life with heart!  Look at your world and ask the tough questions.  Am I doing all I can? Am I living to my highest good? Is this serving me anymore? Do I need to live in heartache and lack?  There may be moments of utter weakness and despair.  Yes, I get it.  So all I can offer to you is this,  believe in this singular idea that nothing you endure makes you a victim unless you choose to be.  Believe in the choices YOU make are for YOUR unique perspective.  Who is going to stop you?  No one if you refuse to lie down adrift through this life saturated in other’s fears.

Be bold, live strong and LOVE FIERCELY.


Many Blessings

Through Their Eyes

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.”

~ Harper Lee

I discovered an amazing opportunity of compassion through creating a process I call, “a living life review.”  This has benefited me in so many areas of my life.  I would like to share a story from my childhood and how I used this process to help heal an event that otherwise festered within me.

When I was a young child, I did something out of play that wasn’t received well.  For years I never understood why my mother would share this story with people and in doing so become angry with me.  After hearing this story many times I became frustrated which created resentment toward her.

Around the age of three or perhaps a young four I was with my mother on her morning errands.  Back in the day we didn’t have car seats, we roamed freely within the car.  She made several stops that morning finishing up at the gas station.  Shortly after climbing out of the car to speak to the gas station attendant, my mother discovered that her precocious daughter asserted her free will by locking both doors as the keys dangled in the ignition.

My mother tapped on the driver side window directing me to unlock the door.   She recounts that I smiled and turned my face away from her, giggling. (Let me state I do not recall this event at all other than hearing this story from her.) She states that I turned my face from side to side, eyes closed, and smiling while ignoring her pleas. The gas attendant got involved by walking around to the passenger side of the car, tapping on the window, instructing me to unlock the door.  Again, according to my mother; I turned my face away from him.  This went on a few minutes until the attendant noticed the “wing window” was open, he fashioned a wire hanger into a hook, fished it around the lock and could break into the car.  Eureka, crisis averted!

Fast forward 43 years and I can tell you that this story is as raw to my mother today as it was the day it happened.  Every time she shared this event it re-established her feelings in that moment.  Through this I grew to resent her for being so mad at me for being a child and not knowing any better.  Often I would become angry at her for trying to reprimand me in front of friends and boyfriends over this.  In time as a defense I made a mockery of it.

So, I did a living life review of the situation, by opening my heart to her perspective.  What transpired that morning, was embarrassing for her.  Yes, logically we can see it through the idea that it was a young girl being silly but it was mortifying to her and on some level in her mind it defined her as a mother.  I believe she worried how others judged her. As a defense mechanism she took all of her judging fear out on me.  When I opened my heart to understanding her instead of getting wrapped up in how this made me feel,  I was able to realize her hurt.  I could feel her shame and pain.  It made me realize with open heart, that in order to move past this I will need to put my resentment to rest.  I see now that this is her best and although it is not how I am wired, I do not feel anything but compassion and love for her.  In letting go of it, realizing it is her deal not mine I am helping myself move forward.

We all have perceptions.  None of us are cut from the same cloth.  It is through our experiences and our soul’s journey of expansion we have both the choice and the opportunity to be forgiving, loving, humble and kind.  Even if our perceptions do not match or resonate to one another we can choose grace and dignity above all else.  Trust me it is never worth getting caught up in the battle of who is “right.”  Perception is neither right nor wrong; they are only different.  It is these differences that usher in expansion and growth.  Finding tolerance in situations rather than discord will go a long way.  Focusing on the discord creates more discord.  Each time she revisits that memory she is perpetuating the cycle of those emotions.  I chose to break that cycle with love and humbled heart.

Tolerance is a powerful tool toward healing this life, this journey, and this world we live in.

Change the World

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”    ~Jalaluddin Rumi

If we desire the world to be a better place, we need to be realistic about how to navigate these turbulent waters.  Before set sailing on this voyage to “save” the world, what if I told you YOU ARE the world.

What if I told you we aren’t here to place judgment on whether this world even NEEDS saving?  What if the world is exactly where it is meant to be?  What if this contrast we experience is creating an opportunity to fine tune ourselves along with fine tuning all of our patterns?  How about EACH OF US go on self-exploration voyage?  In that, we break through the pieces that prevent us from the freedom of our true nature, our truest expression.

I know when we observe the world today we are greeted by layers upon layers of suffering.  Each of us have the power to change the world by changing ourselves. If we made a personal pledge to ourselves and worked on our OWN back yard instead of monitoring our neighbor’s yard, we could gain on the turmoil we experience.   We create our reality, so step back, what is it you are seeing? What feelings are you experiencing over and over?  What are the patterns keeping you in the world in which you live?  Where in the contrast can you most benefit in this experience?

Don’t become distracted by the fears of others.   Make time to discover your true nature.  Learn to live with compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness.  Let go of the things you cannot control.

In order for each of us to experience this for ourselves we must begin by turning inward.

Start by accepting you are perfect just as you are, with every “flaw” as perfect as the last.  Acknowledge it is a choice to be where you are, you are not a victim in any situation that comes your way.  Be empowered by knowing you choose everything you experience for the purpose of the soul’s expansion.  Forgive yourself and forgive others in matters of the past. Honor YOU by realizing YOU are valuable and worthy  and allow unconditional love to flow freely toward you.  Love yourself and others without “expectations, rules or conditions.”

When we acknowledge and accept ourselves, we can forgive and honor who we were, who we are, and who we will become.   Don’t get re-involved in the past, acknowledge, accept, honor, forgive, and love yourself in all matters.

Believe in your personal power and within that you will change the world.

Many blessings and happy creating.

“Observe You”

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” ~Plato

 I believe in the power of personal observation. Daily I ask The Creator of All That Is, “What can I do for myself today?” What always come through is the same answer, “Observe you.”
What I have achieved through my years of self-healing is the value of stepping back from the personality knee-jerk responses by paying attention to my reactions.

I received guidance that suggested I pay attention to what I am feeling, understand what it is I perceive as my truth, and to be both careful, yet willing to see ALL perspectives. I create a space of mindful, intentional responses versus the blurting out MY personal perceptions. I share “my truths” with discernment and no longer need to justify my views or feelings.

Within this work I discovered there is no need to agree with anyone for the sake of an argument or create a debate to feel validated as a person.

This journey is about a giant melting pot of perspectives. As much as I would love to ride in on my grand steed and “fix” things, I realize that I am not here to fix anything outside of ME. I am here to support my creation and within that I can help others by supporting their creation in teaching them the value of the inner wisdom within each of us.  

I stand behind humanity and hold a space of LOVE for all. I believe we ALL could benefit from the work of self-observation over the focus on others with critiquing their process within this journey.

Creator has never said to me, “Go out and observe the world.” He has always brought me home to my world, which is within me. “Observe you.” When we place the focus back onto ourselves we discover we ARE the universe. If we devoted the same effort looking within as we do looking outside we’d unveil the ANCIENT WISDOM of our divine being. This wisdom is walking right along with us each and everyday. 

The choice is ALWAYS yours. We can get pulled under by the chaos by overrunning ourselves with thoughts of others or we can go still and discover that everything we need is right within our heart.

When we allow our heart to be our voice, it becomes easy to find the words. 

Many blessings and happy creating…

Quiet the Mind

Sometimes it takes a period of spiraling and spinning to get to a place of self-resolve. We aren’t just meant to flail about without understanding the truth of this journey, which is we are the creators of our reality.  We are here to experience the divine light within our being through the myriad of experiences we undergo.

I have been on a quest with my higher self for years.  At first it was baby steps, then toddler, and now I feel as though I have evolved into young adulthood of the spiritual attunement.
Which for me means that there is no guru, no teacher, no guide here to offer a solid path, other than the teacher within. Each of us are unique and how we transcend is at the “hands” of our soul.  We aren’t here to follow anyone else’s journey like blind mice. The guidance we need is right inside of each of us. This guidance is all knowing, all supporting and following our every move.  We aren’t separate from this divine light, we ARE the light.
As our personalities fall apart, dissolving the illusion, and allowing the flow of divine love we can begin a new transition of finding self.  The stage in which this happens is at our soul’s discretion. No one has the same journey so don’t doubt your work based on another’s experience. Don’t decide that if it doesn’t transition like the “teacher” or the “guru” it isn’t right.  None of that matters because none of us will ever be the same.  We are all as unique as our fingerprint and what works for me may never resonate for you.  Take heart you will find your own path with the blending of your divine inner being.
How each of us works this out is between ourselves and our Creator of All that is. The biggest step in this is quieting the mind, allowing the surrender to the divine inner being.
This can take years to work out. Don’t get hung up on “time.” The claiming of my sovereignty began propulsion of growth but it didn’t happen overnight.
We are all where we need to be. It is the work of “letting go” that allows us to transform. It is the understanding that no matter how much contrast life throws at us, no matter how uncomfortable we believe we are; we are always right where we need to be. This understanding is a valuable gift we can give to ourselves.  The trusting of our souls to lead us through.
For my work, I have come to a Point of no return because for me I don’t want to go back.  I continue to seek knowledge leading me forward while being mindful to stay present in the here and now.
Breath is ESSENTIAL!!  Learning how to BREATHE is a big piece of this puzzle.   We are dysfunctional in how we breathe.   It needs to be deep from belly, rising up to the diaphragm,  deep, long, and slow breaths.  Exhaling the same way to release the resistance. Then more advance methods can be explored.  Rapid pant like breathing called the “Breath of Fire” can be incorporated into the routine allowing the release of toxins.
Often we tend to HOLD our breath in times of stress. I guarantee if you begin to BREATHE and focus your breath you will unfold into a new way of calming your mind.  It can bring you instant release and relaxation.   When we quiet our minds we allow healing to start the metamorphosis of our being.
The biggest challenge is taking time for ourselves, filling our OWN cup, being still, facing our fears and being present in the here and now.  Don’t focus on the past and don’t worry about the future but be in the HERE AND NOW.  Bring your awareness to your physical body.  Focus on the releasing the tension.  Our minds can ONLY do one thing at a time.  We aren’t some master “multitasker” that is not truth.  Our mind can only truly focus on one thing at a time.  So, place awareness on your body as you breathe.  Feel the tension leaving, feel the air fill your lungs, suspend it, slow release. DELIBERATE FOCUS will lead you to a quiet mind.
The teacher you need, the piece of this puzzle is locked inside of you. It is up to you to find that door and walk through. This is happening regardless of what your “personality” wants you to believe. You ARE transcending no matter how hard you fight against the current of it. Breathe in love and BE GENTLE on yourself, patient, unconditional, and most of all work toward appreciating the YOU that you are.
Happy creating and many blessings…

The Power of Words and Thoughts

There is a great power behind the words we speak and those we don’t speak. For example, the word ‘try.’ You can’t “try” to do anything. You cannot try to pick up a book; it just can’t be done. You either do or you don’t do it. In fact, if you were to say to your friend, “I’ll try to be there,” you might as well say you’re not going to be there.

When we use the word ‘try’ our subconscious doesn’t understand the word, it will just assume that it doesn’t have to be done. When you are setting out to make changes in your lifestyle the worst thing you can say to yourself or others is “I’ll try.” It will never happen. You are allowing yourself the failure long before you ever get started.

We have developed the ability to create our manifestations with the power of the spoken word and formed thought. The things that we say and our thoughts are what forms our reality. Our thoughts are so powerful that we can even impress them on our children without ever revealing them aloud.

I have witnessed first hand the power of thoughts and how they affect others. Our emotions are embedded in our vibrations so no matter if spoken or not they are being discharged like a transmitter. We have to be better with our thoughts and our reactions. If a statement is made enough times it becomes a reality.

Recently, I had a cold. Every time I coughed or sneezed someone around me remarked how “horrible” I sounded. They would add, “maybe you should see a doctor?” I refused to participate in that energy. The suggestion that I was worse than I truly felt could have easily spiraled into more symptoms. If I had paid attention to the observations of others and listened to the repeated suggestions, then yes I would have ended up worse. I chose to be an observer rather than a participant. It was cold. Nothing more and nothing less.

Think about all forms of thoughts and words that you are using in your day to day. What do they mean to you on all levels of your being? Perhaps they are blocking you from progressing without knowing it.
Discerning what forms you have created in your paradigm will allow you the space to change your reality into a more desired outcome.
Happy creation and Many blessings…

The Law of Compassion

download-3Understanding the connection of the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Heart through the laws of universe may help you to be open to receive a deeper level of connectedness.  This connection I speak of is not just with people that are around you but on a deeper level of self.

Compassion is a buzz word that has been tossed around forever.  It is a word that politicians use to solicit votes and Religious sectors use to guilt people into giving toward a charity.  We have somehow as a society associate compassion with the passing of money.

There are some that believe offering pity for someone or something is an exhibit of compassion.  Yet compassion laced with pity almost always has its roots in guilt and fear, and carries a sense of condescension. For some there is even a smug feeling of “I’m glad it’s not me.”

There are others who equate compassion with sympathy.  If I commiserate with you then I am considered compassionate.  The problem with defining compassion with the concept of sympathy means that on a vibrational level I can’t raise you up.

The Law of Compassion is basically about allowing tenderness and kindness into all your thoughts and actions with yourself and others.  It is softening your attitude, and allowing others to be who they are without judgment or condemnation.  You simply allow yourself to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  The observer becomes the observed.

To truly be compassionate one has to begin with oneself.  If you cannot offer yourself understanding, forgiveness and loving kindness you can never give genuine compassion to someone else.  So the first step in compassion is releasing all judgments and condemnation you have about yourself.  Stop beating yourself up over past happenings and recognize that you are valuable in this world.

If you do the first step, you begin to see everyone in your outer world as your teacher. Each is a unique individual providing you with the gift of experience and everyone is a spark of the same Source Energy…we are all one with differing ways of viewing the world, and everyone has a right to be.

Compassion is not about sympathy, empathy or pity.  It is not about doing something out of politeness, obligation or guilt.  Living a compassionate life does not mean being a doormat to others.  It does not mean allowing others to dump all their problems on you or to take advantage of you.  To do any of this means you are not operating out of compassion.  Living a compassionate life is about truly listening and taking the time to understand someone else’s situation or circumstances.   Move through the world with compassion, and the world will present you with unique gifts.

Happy creating and many blessings…